Do not edit without DariusRocks permission .ZaboZa is the captain of demon's in his AU Corgitale and is the strongest of the three main demon's.


He is vary mean and doesn't have any friend's and he yell's at all they other demon's and slashes at them . He only listens to the devil and only obeys him , but he want's so much more then that . he also like's to take human soul's with his hook he say's "I like the blood , isn't the blood what drive's use all? " but if you mange to convince him to get his armor off him your pretty much friend's . all he need's is a friend a family member but he has none to he gose more and more insane and more and more alone he's just emotionally Broke so that's why he hurt's he want to give other's the pain he is feeling no matter what the cost .


all his armor is made of some sort of meatal substance and he has that materiel type of shoes , pant , chest plate , sleeve's , and helmet . he has four arm's his bottom left and has a giant eye at the end instead of a hand , his bottom right hand has a chain wrapped around his arm and it reach's down to his hand and there's a hook at they end on the top left hand is wear he make's his black hole and his top right hand can transform into a knife and his helmet has two rectangle hole's for his eye's and red pupil's behind the helmet and three spike's at the top of his helmet.


he used to be what's called a lost soul they are souls with no body's or purposes so he got transformed form into a demon and got personal training and pretty soon he became the most elite Demon in history and he got sent with two other demon's and they stayed back while every other demon was fighting then when they found a threat ZaboZa and the other's moved in and after slowly eliminating the human's and corgi's someone roes up and banished the but just like all they other time's they broke free not long after.


  • teleportation
  • lot's of stamina
  • soul taking hook : he can basically take your soul with his hook.
  • hook: his hook if swung at you with full force it can do 15 tons! of force , and can easily brake steal it also has high Defense.
  • Armor: his armor is extremely heavy it weight 100,000 ton's the only way can move is because of his super human strength but the armor dose slow him down a lot and if he where to ever get out of his armor he would be strong but he hasn't been out of his armor for 9000 year's so it would be hard for him to adapt and he would be vary weak. his armor has near endless Defense.
  • Black hole: he can summon a black hole in his hand and it can suck up Laser's bullet's bone's pretty much any ranged attack .
  • Slash : his sword hand can cause a lot of damage to your body and can go 4 inches' into your flesh.
  • Eye: his eye on his lower left hand help's him see so he can see all around him.


  • his left hand eye is vary sensitive to attack's .
  • he is weaker to holy attack's.
  • weak outside of armor .
  • emotionally broken .


Orcus : he is one of ZaboZa's servant's and is the second captain of demon's.

Anzu : he his also one of ZaboZa's servant's and the third Captain of Demon's.

Blueberry : he knows who blueberry is and quietly wants to be friend's with him.

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