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"6 SOULs.

1 Barrier.

Many monsters."
– Introduction: 6 SOULs


Same, until...

A human named FRISK fell.

ASRIEL, the Underground's prince, broke the barrier.

The MONSTERS were freed.

The human SOULs...

have a story to tell.


  • Pati - Pati is the Patience SOUL and the 2nd Fallen Human. She's Bella's younger sister.
  • Brian - Brian is the Bravery SOUL and the 3rd Fallen Human. He likes Pati.
  • Bella - Bella is the Integrity SOU, and the 4th Fallen Human. She's Pati's older sister.
  • Persy - Persy is the Perseverance SOUL , and the 5th Fallen Human. He, loves to write and read. And he's the smartest.
  • Kyra - Kyra is the Kindness SOUL and the 6th Fallen Human. She's kind, loves to cook, and, is shy.
  • Clover - Clover is the Justice SOUL and the 7th Fallen Human. He's like in UT: Yellow, but, talks more.
  • Frisk - Frisk is the Determination SOUL and the 8th Fallen Human. Their only mentioned.
  • Chara - Chara is the Hate SOUL and the 1st Fallen Human. Their the antagonist.


  • Chara is possessed by The Demon Who Comes When You Call Its Name, and, got the Hate SOUL from that.
  • SOULs can be corrupted if a human acts the opposite of their trait (ex. if Pati's not Patient, if Brian's not Brave, if Frisk's weak).
  • Determination's opposite is technically the Hate SOUL, but, for most its Weakness. Chara and Frisk are exceptions.
  • You can't reset on The Surface, only SAVE and LOAD. Flowey has control of the timeline, but, can't SAVE or LOAD.


The Ruins - Inhabitants: Flowey, Some Froggits, Whimsuns, Moldsmals

Snowdin - Inhabitants: Snowman, Annoying Dog

Waterfall - Inhabitants: Temmie

Hotland - Inhabitants: So Sorry

New Home - Inhabitants: N/A

The Barrier: Inhabitants: Human SOULs


  • So Sorry didn't hear The Barrier broke, so, he's alone
  • The SOULs live in The Barrier's Void

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