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XenoTale is An Undertale AU Created by theshadowguardian13, the plot follows the true pacifist route of undertale But after the ending things start changing.

This Link is to where currently what info i have on Xenotale is at, it will be updated daily (probably) along with eventually an actual story using the information that will all eventually be on the page.

New information on Quotev has appeared regarding the new home xenomorph and some extra location information along with a new area of information

Inner Workings of Magic Within Xenotale

within this AU, with theory any being able to use magic can theoretically have an infinite amount of power, depending on if their physical body can handle it (humans only) though with monsters they will need to be determined to exceed their usual maximum magical power, though in the case of humans or monsters, if they are a wizard or boss monster (per this AU, human monster cross breeding) they will have an easier time exceeding their normal power threshold

In the case of magical attacks, a magical attack needed intent, therefore in the case of a monster not wanting to attack (or human) then there attacks will be less effective, as with as monsters lose the purpose of fighting they take more damage and do less attack power, the same theory applies to humans within this universe if they are able to use magic, though with humans due to not naturally normally able to utilize magic, their intent will be less of a manual effort, though if they lose the intent to fight they will not be able to use their magic (is it obvious yet, that some surviving humans in this universe can use magic)

Chapter list

Chapter 1 -

Chapter 2 -

Chapter 3 -

Chapter 4 -

Chapter 5 -

Chapter 6 -

Chapter 7 -

Chapter 8 -

Chapter 9 -

Chapter 10 -

Chapter 11 -

Chapter 12 -

Chapter 13 -

Chapter 14 -

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