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XYZtale is an AU within Multiverse XYZ which is connected to the Undertale AU Multiverse. The storyline is similar to Undertale except other AUs are involved. There are however a few characters both OC and Crossover. This AU was originally started by KnyferPC on the undertale AU amino before he was hacked by Poodlecorp who left right after. KnyferPC has gave author permissions to a fanfiction user known as KnivesAndGuns eventhough his account wasn't made yet.

List of Out Codes and Original Characters in XYZtale(Mentioned characters excluded)

  • UniverseX!Adrien
  • UniverseY!Lucas
  • Ink!Sans
  • Error!Sans
  • Red

Places and Biomes

  • Haystack Room
  • Ruins
  • Toriel's House
  • Snowden Forest
  • Snowden Town
  • Snowden Shop
  • Inn
  • Librarby
  • Grillby's
  • Skelebros House
  • Waterfall
  • Blook Neighborhood
  • Temmie Village
  • Adrien's hideout.
  • Hotlands
  • Gaster's Lab
  • True lab
  • MTT Motel
  • Core
  • New Home
  • Judgement Hall
  • Palace
  • Barrier room
  • Surface Trail
  • The City
  • The Park
  • Adrien's house
  • XYZ portals room

Genocide Differences(Confirmed so far)

  • Adrien will be the final boss eventhough it's not confirmed that he will have a judge role.


  • It's rumored Adrien might have a link to Error!Sans considering that he's identified as "Abomination X" from time to time.
  • Adrien and Lucas have SOULs but they are not physically visible.
  • Adrien wears a kekistani flag shirt which resemble hiis AU's culture, peaceful and with freedom of speech, however, if the player does kill his brother, Adrien will attack regardless of the route,
  • Killing Out codes in this AU doesn't stop a pacifist run.
  • Its possible that this AU may either get a Poketale crossover.
  • In a mentioned Underverse MMORPG project, XYZtale will be one of the three lobby AUs, the other two being Inktale and Errortale, also showing that XYZtale has no allegance with either AU aside from being trade partners.

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