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X-Tale is an AU created by Jakei95/Jael on Tumblr and Youtube. X-Tale is fractured into many parts: the comic, the animation series Underverse, and another comic named The Truce, which is the precursor to X-Tale.

X-Tale takes place in a post-pacifist timeline, where Sans and Papyrus are part of the royal guard. However, certain incidents occur out of nowhere, such as Sans' thirst to kill Frisk. Underverse supposedly takes place after X-Tale, where Sans, now Cross, ends up going to each pacifist timeline within an AU and tries to take it himself, with help from X!Chara and Nightmare!Sans. The Truce takes place before both series, in which Error!Sans and Ink!Sans both create a truce to better themselves.

X-Tale and Underverse both have a certain power called OVERWRITING. It allows the person to OVERWRITE certain object, such as changing stories, changing characters, and possibly destroying a timeline or an AU itself; examples include the Underswap AU, and possibly the X-Tale AU.


Most of X-Tale is monochromatic, spare the OVERWRITE & RESET button, blood, and a pacifist timeline.

Pages 1-10

The comic begins when XGaster begins his experiment, and decides on a name for the child: Frisk. X!Frisk is adopted by the royal family, and eventually they shatter the barrier. However despite the freedom brought, they still felt the need to protect X!Frisk at their disposal, which is the reason why Papyrus and Sans become members of the Royal Guard. One day, while going though town, Undyne surprises Sans and Papyrus when she decides to kidnap X!Frisk, who is shocked when Papyrus destroys the pole that she stopped at.

Pages 11-21

As it turns out, it was all just a test to see if they're able to protect X!Frisk, however Sans begins to feel some sort of relapse like it was a Genocide Run, to which Papyrus stops him before he can get away with what he's doing to them. Asgore, Toriel, and Asriel finally returns after traveling to tell the world about X!Frisk and their goal to bring eternal peace between the two races. Sans and Papyrus goes home along with XGaster, who leaves for the lab. During the night, Sans is having some issues after that whole incident, and Papyrus tries his best to calm him down. XGaster, meanwhile, continues evaluating his experiment, and looks to finding a way to OVERWRITE.

Pages 22-42

While the monsters had worked hard for a better world, Sans had thought that he was happy living in this world. However, in a dream, he gained a scar on his right chin, and he meets Chara. The nightmare carries over to Sans' mind, even resulting in Sans telling X!Frisk to get away from them. He felt tired of his brother, and had some sort of hatred for X!Frisk, to which he thought that his soul was corrupted.

In a ceremony to promote world peace, Sans' relapses happen again, and he nearly kills X!Frisk, had not X!Gaster intervened. He flees from them, only to be caught by Mettaton. He tells Papyrus that he's losing his sanity, and if anything went wrong, he would have to get rid of him. Before he could finish, he arrives back at the ceremony, as if nothing happened. This gives him the idea that he was being used as a pawn to create a true ending for this story. He soon realized that X!Gaster and X!Frisk for that matter are in a fight between each other over control over this world.

While he was remorsing, X!Frisk meets up with Sans, and they tell him that he should be happy that they'll leave in peace for a long time. Sans tells them to speak the truth about their little war with X!Gaster, and X!Frisk reveals that they've been forcing him to kill them. They knew that Sans wouldn't cooperate, so they decided to make them hate him by using the power of OVERWRITING. X!Frisk tells them that with the power of OVERWRITING, they can turn the leaves to snow and flowers would appear as well, and then tells decides to show Sans something.

Pages 43-63

With the ceremony over, they begin partying, but XGaster ends up having a headache and asks where his experiment went. Meanwhile, X!Frisk and Sans ends up in another universe where things are apparently better, and ridicules that their own universe is a failure and that it was manipulated. They then go on and tell Sans why they should kill them, but when Sans denies killing them because they feel happy here, X!Frisk attacks Sans, and know that he'll kill them if he fights them, even giving Sans his signature scar.

When Sans tries to confront them, X!Frisk OVERWRITES that, and gives Sans a "bad time". They give them the nickname "Cross" and before they can do anything, X!Gaster impales X!Frisk, telling them he didn't want to break a promise to his friend, and that he asks for a good excuse before he tears up their soul. X!Gaster threatens to RESET, in which X!Frisk and X!Chara decides on a plan. Because both X!Gaster and X!Frisk share half each other's their soul. This means that Gaster is being weakened by the determination that X!Frisk has, which also means that X!Frisk has the ability to OVERWRITE now, and they decide to kill X!Gaster for the sake of it.

Pages 64-77

Cross wakes up again, with the world reset to where Undyne pulls her surpise attack on the skeletons. He still has his signature wound, and Papyrus tries to tell him they'll have a great time. Cross is not eager to see X!Frisk after the past incident. However, to Cross's surprise, Undyne tell him he's not needed anymore; it turns out that X!Frisk placed them under their control, and because of that, they were able to cut half of Cross's soul. They even took control of Papyrus, and he summons a barrage of Gaster Blasters. Meanwhile, entries from XGaster all begin to show while the fight continues.


As explained here, the reason why Underverse is 139:90 is because the series started as a gif animated comic. Due to Jael's laziness and strategy to help protect their videos from being stolen, they kept the resolution, adding watermarks on those blank spaces.

Underverse 0.0


Part 1

The first part was released on April 18, 2016, where Sans finds himself in a strange dimension, and eventually meet someone.

Part 2

The second part was released on April 23, 2016, in which the creature tells Sans that his voice cannot be heard here, and that they know everything about him. They tell Sans that no one will notice anything when he's gone, as they allegedly tell him that they're him.

Part 3

The third part was released on April 25, 2016; Sans tries to begin their assault on X!Chara, and they repeatedly try to give Sans some mercy, which turns out to be a trap when they pull in Sans to take half of his soul.

Part 4

The fourth part was released on May 1, 2016. Cross!Sans (who often glitches out to be X!Chara), ridicules Sans over their selfishness, and that he'll take a long break forever. He's interrupted by Ink!Sans, which angers the both of them, and X!Chara tells him to get lost.

Part 5

The fifth and final part was released on May 2, 2016. X!Chara and Ink!Sans both try to defeat each other, however, the latter, with his sense of creativity and strategy, ties up X!Chara, and Sans surrounds them with bones. Their confrontation is short, however, as the two leave for their own universe.


An animation of all parts was created on July 5, 2016.

Underverse 0.1


Part 1

The first part was released on May 7, 2016. With half of Sans' soul, X!Chara asks Cross!Sans if he's ready, to which they questioned why feels this way, to which X!Chara tells him if he's afraid of releasing her. Cross!Sans is finally motivated to absorb the soul, and gains 0.5 out of it.

Part 2

The second part was released on May 15, 2016. Sans asks Ink!Sans about Cross!Sans, and Ink tells him that a new universe got a strong presence at him. To his surprise, the only person there was Cross!Sans.

Part 3

The third part was released on May 22, 2016. Cross!Sans was at shock first when Ink!Sans entered, but after a few visits, he started to gain confidences, and soon afterwards, he gained control of both souls. However, a visit from Core!Frisk made him feel a bit skeptic about his world, to which Ink!Sans told him that he couldn't resurrect people. But just as Cross!Sans was starting to get the hang of it, Error!Sans surprises him and grabs control of Cross!Sans.

It is the final part to be released as a comic, as future parts and episodes are being released as animation instead.


Part 1, 2, 3

A compilation of Part 1, 2, and 3 were released as an animation on July 5, 2016.

Part 4

The fourth part was released on May 30, 2016, and is the first to be made as an animation. Error was able to extract the soul from Cross, and tell Ink that he can't help him at all. He wanted to save his soul, but couldn't risk having Error destroy it as well.

Ink was able to free Cross from Error's barrage of blasters, but because Error took their souls, this meant that both of them were fighting for control over a body that had limited time to survive. X!Chara flees the scene of a injured Ink, and intersected his world to take Sans' place for a while. Ink realizes that X!Chara convinced Cross to actually use his half soul to stay alive, while scheming a plan, and that it could be hard to stop them.

Ink tells Sans that he need help in finding Cross, but he denies, saying he could live his life with only half a soul. Ink says the he will find his soul for him, and leaves him behind. Meanwhile, everyone is ready for the picnic, and Sans comes along.

Part 5

The fifth part was released on June 10, 2016. As it turns out, while Cross was spending his time with Ink, X!Chara analyzed each and every AU, and they're interested in a few of those AUs. Cross tells Chara how they're able to get to every AU, and how they want to get their world back so that they'll live in peace.

This ends up triggering Nightmare!Sans, who enters their lonely AU thanks to Cross's negative feelings. They ask if they needed help, and they tell him that he wants to rid of every Pacifist AU, but in return, they are required to hurt someone mentally, and not physically. Dream!Sans ends up finding this deal and heads out to notify Ink.

Meanwhile, the gang begins to enjoy their picnic and soon begins a game of Volleyball. Alphys, Undyne, and Asgore are up against Papyrus, Sans, and Frisk, and the game goes well, until everyone notice that Sans isn't doing so well, due to the fact that his soul is getting corrupted thanks to it being halved. Sans begins to get flashback over two skeletons who both look similar. He decides to take a break, and while calling for Ink, he's caught by Frisk.

Part 6

The sixth part was released on June 30, 2016. It was re-uploaded a day later to fix Sans' dialogue color. While looking for Cross, Ink is surprised by Dream, who tells him about the deal regarding Nightmare and Cross. He decides that if Cross comes to a AU's pacifist timeline, it would be easier to catch him. Meanwhile, Frisk checks on Sans' HP, and when they found out that it was corrupting, they decided to reset, which angers Sans.

Ink ends up arriving at that exact time, and Sans tells Ink that he'll go with them. Ink introduces himself to Frisk, and Sans ends up explaining everything to Frisk. They, of course, wanted to find Cross, but he tells Frisk to cover for him instead while he's absent. Frisk gives him a ketchup bottle as a gift, and the both of them leaves. Meanwhile, Nightmare sends Cross to the Underfell AU, where a pacifist timeline is happening.

Underverse 0.2

Part 1

Part 1 of Underverse 0.2 was released on August 22, 2016. Ink and Classic arrive at the Underfell AU, where Classic decides to sleep in the snow until he realizes that this isn't his Snowdin. They both hoped that Cross would come here due to a pacifist timeline occurring. Of course, along the way, red marks become more apparent to lead Ink and Classic to where Cross is. Of course, confusion occurs between Classic and the monsters of Underfell.

While continuously marking marks with his blade, Cross is suddenly stopped by Underfell Sans. Cross, of course, convinces him to accept that his world is theirs, to which Underfell Sans declines. They both enter into a fight, but what Fell didn't understand was that he was also attacking Classic Sans, and despite impaling him, Cross was able to defeat Fell before Ink and Classic arrive. They both realized what Cross has done with Classic's half soul. Classic decides to become a pawn for Ink, to which Cross decides to use Fell as his pawn, and mocks Classic on his heart locket.

This was the first episode to use music from Stereohead Studios.

Part 2

Part 2 of Underverse 0.2 was released on October 18, 2016. With Fell under Cross' control, he proceeds to defeat Classic and Ink. However, they're unable to advance further in the battle, as Snowdin is completely engulfed by Cross's X-Event. Fell!Alphys gets Fell!Papyrus to her lab to see what's going on, as the battle progresses.

Classic soon tells Cross about his half soul, saying that it doesn't belong to him much in the same way the heart locket doesn't either. He soon ask Cross about "him", asking if he has anything related to them. This seems to get Cross, as X!Chara tries to convince him to leave, as they have the core code of Snowdin already. However, Ink lets go of Fell, and his proceeds to kill Classic once again. This forces him to use his special attack on Cross: his slipper. This was enough to distract Cross and free Fell from his command. However, Fell still didn't know about Classic's half soul, but fortunately, X!Chara was able to get Cross to escape the battle, sparing Classic in the process.

Though they were able to get Cross out of the area, they weren't fast enough to stop Cross from getting Snowdin. Ink tries to stop Fell and Classic from fighting, but he's quickly taken by a mysterious force. Sans decides to leave for somewhere else, while Fell!Papyrus scolds Fell on his recent actions, and tells him to leave from his sight in 5 minutes before he "uses his skull for his spaghetti", which convinces Fell to follow Classic as well. Of course, Fell!Frisk and Fell!Flowey are both disappointed on Fell!Papyrus regarding Fell's punishment.

At the beginning of the video, X!Chara tells the viewers regarding Jael's conditions and hates how the viewers even want the next Underverse episode, giving them nightmare fuel just before the episode even started.

Xtra Scene

An Xtra Scene was released on November 24, 2016 to fill the gaps of Underverse 0.2 and 0.3. Classic is seen an array of echo flowers, when suddenly he's met by Core!Frisk, who tells him if Cross is distracted, he can attack him and get his soul back, and says that this will allow him to release the souls corrupted by the X-Event, before disappearing when Fell joins him. Of course, Classic has fun messing around with Fell with the echo flowers.

As he's being hung, Ink tells Error to let him go; it turns out that Error wanted to fix things with Ink after that incident with Cross, and is surprised by the recent actions that has happened. As it turns out, Error never had a chance to get rid of Cross' original soul thanks to the truce they made, and he came here again thanks to him meeting a new AU that bothered him.

He's completely annoyed over Ink's friendship with XGaster, and when that world ended up corrupt, he also got annoyed over Ink's friendship with Cross as well. He intervened because Ink, of course, was scheming something. He didn't want the truce between them broken, as if it was, he would take everyone as his puppet and erase everything. And he would be ready to have fun if he finds out that he's involved with the X-Event, before letting Ink go.

He then cleans up Fell to try to hide him from his brother, and figures out what Cross is trying to do; he's taking fragments of each AU to rebuild what he had lost. As it turns out, Dream is able to find where Cross is taking his X-Event next, and Ink tells him to find everything he knows there.

Underverse 0.3

Part 1

Part 1 of Underverse 0.3 was released on March 26, 2017. Despite Underfell's Snowdin now at his hand, Chara disapproves Cross's actions back there, and wants him to try hardier next time. Before Cross could do anything about it, he's interrupted by Fresh!Sans, who heard about the X-Event. He wants to throw a party to welcome him "n stuff", but he doesn't want any of it.

Cross doesn't know when Fresh would leave, however Chara saw it as a shame she wasn't able to take a human soul for them, and wants to go back there. Cross refuses, as he's tired of doing everything back in Underfell. Chara tries to tell him their plans, however they refused to listen. Chara tells them to take a sleep, which turns out to be a ruse as Chara plans to take over Cross' body. Cross, luckily, was able to disable Chara by using a bone at his right eye.

His victory against Chara is short-lived, as Nightmare confronts him about talking to himself. Cross expects him to take him to Underswap, however Nightmare doesn't know what he's doing right now, and hopes he isn't the first idiot to fool him. Cross, of course, doesn't want to kill anyone, and only wants the code of other AUs to restore his, and he uses threats to get his way. It turns out that Nightmare had a sudden rage, and still wants him to fulfill his side of the deal. Of course, he would destroy his universe if something fishy goes on with the deal.

Cross and Nightmare arrives at the Underswap AU, and reminds Cross that he's been warned before leaving. Despite this, he's unable to use Chara's power as he knocked them down. Not long after, he's spotted by Swap!Papyrus, who mistakes them for his brother. He even gives Cross some tacos, which he delightfully enjoys. As he continues onward, Swap!Toriel offers Cross a pie, but as he look around, the coding reminds him too much of his AU, and he declines by cutting Toriel's right eye. As Swap!Papyrus looks in horror, Cross tells him he needs to finish the job.

While getting things from the Underground with Swap!Sans, Swap!Chara accidentally trips over Swap's cape, which drops a paint canister and spills paint all over. Even though Swap tells Swap!Chara that he'll clean this, Ink, Fell, and Classic all emerge from the puddle of paint. Swap is at first confused, but he then understands that it's Ink himself, and Ink tells him that those other Sans are "going to die soon". Ink figures out how to find Cross: doing nothing, and this would allow them to find him that easily. Swap think that he's in the city with the monsters, and all of them teleport there, but not before Ink decides to look at a vial with something in it.

As the 4 of them finds out about what Cross did, Swap!Chara goes out to find out what happened. As it turns out, Swap!Papyrus was helping the others escape the mess from Cross. Swap!Papyrus ask what's going on here, and Classic tells him to stay close. Cross is frustrated over their appearance again, and Swap asks him if something is going on. Ink tells Cross that he knows that this AU reminds him of his own; he asks if it's fair to do the same thing he did in their world, and reminds him that he's messing up with the timelines. He doesn't want a complete repeat of the whole episode again, and yet Cross doesn't care at all, consider that Ink refused to give him a home.

Swap tries to make amends with him, but before Cross could kill him, he gets a surprise attack from Fell and Classic, who knock him out as well. Ink congrats Classic on his plans, but said he didn't make it himself, someone else did. Classic finally unites his soul, but this brings up X!Chara instead. Unfortunately for all of them, Swap!Chara's curiosity actually gives enough soul power to fully revive X!Chara.

X!Chara tells them they miss having a physical body even if it only makes 95% of their current form, and said that Cross thought nothing like this would ever happen. When Classic asks Ink what's going on, X!Chara blasts him and Fell into X-Tale and leaves Swap, Swap!Papyrus, Swap!Chara, and Ink alone with them. Ink is immediately trapped by Nightmare, and X!Chara was so grateful to have Ink show them the multiverse and show them what they wanted. X!Chara continues with the X-Event, grabbing all the monsters and humans from this AU to theirs. Despite this, they want some suffering like the good old days, and wants this pacifist timeline to suffer as theirs did. Of course, if they were to accidentally kill them, they were use the power of OVERWRITING.

This is the last episode to feature Stereohead Studio's music.

Part 2

Part 2 of Underverse 0.3 was released on August 6, 2017. In a flashback, XGaster shows Ink his newest experiment: OVERWRITING. He states that it allows a change to a timeline and an alternate universe. Ink doesn't approve of what XGaster is trying to do, but XGaster tells him it won't break his truce with Error. Rather, he wants to explore his game to find the best for his children, thanks to the perseverance he gained from Ink. He promise to Ink that everything is going to be okay, and Ink supports him.

X!Chara remarks on how XGaster lead to this now, and they tell them that they'll regret what they've done with them and demonstrates their power of OVERWRITING by forcing Swap!Papyrus to impale himself and Swap!Chara, which shocks Swap!Sans. They do this again to force Papyrus to also stab Swap, and Swap asks his brother why they're doing this. Nightmare is utterly disturbed over the whole "killing each other", considering that he told them not to kill anyone, to which X!Chara said that thanks to OVERWRITING, no one can die, but suffer instead. Nightmare considers them "Cross's secret talent", however X!Chara declines this, saying that he locked them up to avoid any more incidents. X!Chara ends up transforming Swap!Papyrus and Swap into amalgamates-like creatures, which Nightmare praises as a new Underswap.

Meanwhile, X!Chara confronts Ink over the new story they're creating, and tries to take the vial away from Ink, which he kicks out of their hands. Not satisfied, she uses Swap!Papyrus and Swap (still in their amalgamate form) against Ink to take the vial themselves. However, they were OVERWRITTEN back to their normal self. Swap and X!Chara ends up fighting each other; Swap ends up ignoring the fact that hurting X!Chara is also hurting Swap!Chara themselves. None of them could overpower the other, and the two stop brawling. X!Chara tries to conform with Swap, but Nightmare doesn't enjoy this conversation, and allows X!Chara to kill somebody since they don't need this timeline anymore.

Back in X-Tale, Classic and Fell try to hide away from the corrupted souls from Underswap, and both of them try to figure out how to return to Underswap. Dream of course tries to give them less negative feelings so that they can escape the area. As of now, they could only feel hatred and sadness from Underswap, and can't feel any positive ones at all. They're also aware that Nightmare could allow someone to kill anyone from that timeline forever. They only feel hatred from Blue, and couldn't feel anything from Ink.

Swap and X!Chara redo their brawl against each other, and the former summons his Gaster Blaster at X!Chara. Swap!Papyrus was confident that they wouldn't hurt X!Chara at all, given the fact that they have most of Swap!Chara's soul. Nightmare debunks this, and X!Chara OVERWRITES Swap to kill them. Swap!Papyrus tries to stop them, which Nightmare clearly mocks and tells X!Chara to kill him. Fortunately, Swap!Papyrus blocks Swap's attack, but with the added pressure of Nightamre and X!Chara, he accepts his fate to be killed by X!Chara, and hopes that their memories last, finally enabling Classic, Fell, and Dream to intervene.

Classic suddenly has a déjà vu moment when he sees Swap!Papyrus in front of X!Chara, and gets in their way, saving their life in the process. It turns out that X!Chara actually hit his deluxe ketchup bottle, and he proceeds to defeat X!Chara, while trying to give Swap!Chara their HP back. Swap!Papyrus, Swap, Fell, and Classic all proceed to blast X!Chara, but is saved by Nightmare, who ends up getting his own treatment by Dream.

X!Chara and Classic ends up talking to each other about the alternate universes, and how they're ridiculous, with different stories than his. They state that their arrival was because their human wanted to reset, and that he's still suffering even with a happy ending. They even go on to mention the heart locket, and state that their timeline isn't what it's supposed to be. They state that they only wanted one world, one universe, with only the best, and tries to convince him to kill Ink himself, "the true enemy".

Once again, Nightmare hates this conversation; he had had enough with the chance they gave them, and proceeds to leave with X!Chara, but not before killing Swap!Chara themselves. With their death imminent, and with the whole timeline collapsing, Dream tries to get everyone to another safe AU. Ink is still paralyzed after that whole incident, and Fell pushes him in. Despite his brother demands, Swap!Papyrus decides not to go, and Swap ends up leaving his brother behind. Dream apologizes to Swap!Papyrus, and they look up to the sunset, as the timeline dies.

It is the first episode to use NyxtheShield's music (the same composer who composed Glitchtale as well) and the first to feature sound effects by Strelok.

The Truce

Part 1

Part 1 was released on December 19, 2016, where both Ink!Sans and Error!Sans are arguing over AUs once again. Ink asks why is he selfish over a new AU, and Error asks him if the multiverse if as infinite as his lack of a brain. He decided to talk his notebook, and ridicule him over the multiverse issue, saying he's laying trash all over the place, and with his arm tired, he destroys the pages.

Part 2

Part 2 was released on December 27, 2016. As it turns out, those pages that Error destroyed were from a notebook that he scattered over there. This doesn't make Error happy, and he begins assaulting Ink while Core!Frisk watches. But just as the two finally start to confront each other, they are teleported to the middle of nowhere, and are unable to attack each other as their own respective abilities are gone.

Part 3

Part 3 was released on January 1, 2017. Core!Frisk wonders where the two went, and Ink tries his hardest to distract himself, which ends up annoying Error. Error tries to throw Ink out into the oceans, but this ends up bringing Ink back to the rock. Error tries to crash himself as well, and Ink is unable to touch the AUs. Ink asks for the creators to help him, and Error questions his life at all.

Part 4

Part 4 was released on January 17, 2017. As it turns out, Ink is having a nightmare where the creators destroy their own AUs. With no hope in sight, Ink tells Error to end him, to which he agrees. Suddenly, a specific voice tells them that they were brought here because something new was waiting for them. They both get pulled by the water swirls, and are eventually engulfed. They are both sent to their own worlds, and say that they can return to the multiverse with a little surprise.

Part 5

Part 5 was released on February 27, 2017. Ink is able to get out of the waters, and to his surprise, he got his Broom back. Error is also surprised; he got his strings back. They seemed to enjoy the places that they went to, and Error decides to once again tangle Ink in his strings. He claimed that his precious Doodle Sphere is gone, which meant that the guardian of this place is also gone. However, he was unable to destroy the surviving AUs, and that he wasn't about to go to any places, which also applied to Ink.

Error said that they've been fighting over the multiverse many times and that they're here because he was supposed to win. Ink said the he wanted to show him the good side of AUs, but he started his war against him. He tried changing the AUs access to thousands to confuse Error, but he keeps ruining it by corrupting it. Error says that nearly half of the multiverse was destroyed because it reached its limits, and said that this was a weird effect.

Part 6

Part 6 was released on April 1, 2017; Error said that they drawed with their fighting, and Error thinks Ink's going to ruin it once more. They once again argued, and they blame each other for why they are here. Ink is frustrated on why they can't get along on something that can stand on its own. Finally, Error decides reach an agreement with Ink, to which he refers to him as a friend.

With that in mind, they finally are able to leave the isolated place, and before Error could finally fight Ink, he cracked his hand as stretching before he could go to work. Ink tells him that if he promises not to make any more AUs, he could not delete the others. Error considers this as a truce, but still considers him a disgusting threat.

Part 7

Part 7 was released on April 7, 2017. After Error left, Ink talks to his AUs once more about that mysterious island of theirs, and he admits that everything was fine again. For a while, Ink tries to scroll through the AUs to forget, but once in a while, Error comes in to remind him that everything was wrong.

Suddenly, an piece of paper begins glowing to Ink's surprise, and he tries to get into it before it could be deleted. The dark purple area suddenly become a field with golder flowers, and he soon meets up with the Chara and Frisk of this AU. They both flee to Ink's presence, and he stumbles upon the AU's Gaster.


The Epilogue was released on April 8, 2017. Gaster is confused when he sees Ink, calling him a creator. It turns out that Gaster wants to kill himself because he failed to create something perfect for the children of his. He tries to save him from destroying himself, and Gaster is skeptical over his assistance.

It turns out that the AU he stumbled upon was X-Tale, a AU survivor. Ink tries to give XGaster some motivation by sending him and his kids to the Doodle Sphere. Ink goes to Error's place to talk about his new friend, while saying to Error that he's not trying to create another AU. Error's plan to destroy the Omega Timeline failed, while XGaster finally has an idea for the future and wants to try something.

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