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This AU has no further presence online than this page.
  • WritingTale is a AU like EnderTale but is different character on this AU but then similiar ( EnderSwap) actually frisk get jacket like to sans the skeleton and hat edgy but is use powerful attacked of Ennemies , and chara is owned is eyes of Genocide on the Prologue , after all WritingTale is a sequel of the sruface like EnderTale of the comic but is rare this AU of this .
  • Because then additions 700+ character reference to Monster ! Then character like Betty to come out to GlitchTale is called ' Lily ' and his friends ' Bluema ' actually is a villian character get power HATE like chara and Betty , is owned created by Sakuma22 this AU whatever of the surface is similiar to EnderTale , but is every pretty good of this . And is a additions character 1 + 700= 701 for people's of the AU on the Surface of the Part 1 and part 5 , is taken by SAD the gouvernement called Secure Acting Determined will called thim is created a a character by Jessie like to Jessica the character of GlitchTale , maybe is use the even Feeling of this , Lily is a character of HATE as chose of the AU , of the power demon will calling them of the AU say the Page the ' HATE story'.
  • After all is owned individual character of the AU
  • In Trivia Frisk get begin the Last Corridor of the fight with sans , but is a Back Story for frisk is talked of people's in the Surface of the Sequel .
  • Asriel get scarf of the AU like to Papyrus is training for fight and ACT for use Fire ball and frisk too .

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