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is An AU (alternative Universe) based from Alice in Wonderland.

in this AU we (player/ frisk) become Alice.

Frisk first appearance in this AU was similar to the original game (wears a striped pink/purple and blue shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes ) beside their hair, their hair is longer than original Frisk.

the items that we will find also have slight changes (such as old skirts [skirt tutu], monocles [cloudy glasses] etc.)

Main Story

Long time ago, live two races : Humans and Monsters. But one day , The Queen of humans give an order to execute the monsters without any explanation. afraid of her craziness, the royal magicians helped the monsters to escape. However, the Queen found out and attack them with her army. The royal magicians confined the monsters to the Underground with a magic barrier to save them.

Many years after the war, in 201X, a human child climbs Mount Ebott for their own mysterious reason. It is said that those who climb the mountain never return. The child discovers an enormous hole in the mountain and falls in. After that, the story begins.

Wondertale gaster

Gaster - WonderTale

link to see arts of Wondertale

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