so this has been rattling around in my skull for a while now.

it is another undertale AU but when the humans sealed away the monsters they also put them in a form of stasis where they can only awaken whenever a human falls down into the underground. Monsters try and keep any human that falls down alive as long as possible though they will attack the person as a human soul will allow them to stay awake long enough to place it in the machine that would break the barrier.

The only exception to this rule is flowey as he has no soul for the enchantment to take a hold of. Rather than having a flee option the player has a slumber option which puts the enemy asleep for a period of time as they escape. The monsters are all wearing sleep wear or “fluffy” clothing to be as comfortable as they can when they fall into slumber. For example Papyrus wears his normal clothing though the scarf is fluffier and expands when he falls asleep into a blanket. and sans coat is basically a ball fluff. Due to them falling asleep for so long the monsters suffer from insomnia and very rarely sleep only sleeping when they are completley exahusted. However Sans suffers from narcolepcy meaning he falls asleep at random times rather than suffering from insomnia

When Chara falls through the barrier everything stays the same with the queen and king adopting them but rather than dying Chara began to be affected by the enchantment and falls asleep with the monsters unknown to the monsters she gave her “awakeness” to Asriel causing him to be the only awake monster and to go crazy as he began to loose grip on his soul and become flowey.

in the genocide run Chara is the final boss after sans and it is revealed she can control the enchantment slightly and tries to stop you by putting you into a slumber unfortunately you are saved by your determination. Her attacks are magical and are represented by blades and Zzzs ((classic stuff to show sleep)). 

sorry about this its pretty stupid and it has no artwork as im a terrible drawer I would love it if people worked on artwork but i dont mind. If there are any resemblance to any other AUs I apologise if you could point out where it is similar then I can see if i can change it. I am looking for someone to co make a comic of Frisks adventure through WokenTale they would do the artwork and I would do the script though they will be able to influence the script

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