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Winny is apart of the [REDACTEDtale AU] and is [REDACTED!Chara]'s oldest friend. He is from a dimension in which space is replaced with a endless ocean and planets are replaced with bubbles containing islands with different levels of life on them.

Made by IredactedI.


Winny is a alien creature that was befriended by [REDACTED]!Chara in his past and works at her facility. He is referred to as a weapon and is working on helping other worlds achieve world peace.


Winny is known by many people from two AUs known as Ogalt and Alternitale, but his main relationships are with:


His past best friend that he now works for. He pities her.


A instance of Fresh! that he befriended and tamed.


A humanoid cockroach colony that he hired as a mercenary.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Winny has the ability to seemingly summon things out of nowhere by warping materials within the universe he is in together to create whatever he wants. He can also simply teleport anything to himself as well. He is also able to teleport and travel through dimensions. He is also usually able to reset and save. His powers are limited to the dimension he is in and he is unable to create something from nothing. He is especially weak against code-based attacks and soul magic.


  • "Winny" is actually the nickname that IredactedI's friends refer to them as.

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