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Windy is a rogue Fresh! parasite that has gone against it's own instincts and simply desires to survive who is apart of the [REDACTEDtale AU]. They currently live in a dimension called "Ogalt" that is barely Undertale related; if not, not related at all.

Made by IredactedI.


Windy used to be an ordinary Fresh! parasite, until he met Winny. Winny helped Windy gain control over most of his instincts and taught him how to "infect" inorganic objects, as well as modern trends. Windy's house is covered head to toe in markings said to ward off "evil spirits" and demons. He spends most of his day trying to ignore his fears and stress by staying home and relaxing.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Windy's only ability by himself is the ability to "infect" objects, gaining (partial in the case of a living being) control over them and their abilities. However, he also gains the weaknesses of that object as well. He is only killable when not possessing a object.


  • Windy seems to prefer possessing kites due to their "calm nature," thus leading to the creation of his name.

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