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Windows!Sans is a Sans that exists after Error Sans 'killed' him.


Windows!Sans has a cracked skull that causes him to have sudden mood swings. His skull has the same colours as the Microsoft Windows logo. His jacket is red with black stripes, and his arm bones are green. His palm is red, and his fingers are a pattern of green and red, in that order. On his chest, there is a power button and a Microsoft Windows logo. He wears a pair of black striped shorts, but there are 2 stripes, with 1 set being red and green, and the other blue and yellow. His shoes, although unseen in the picture, are red and green for the right foot, and the left foot being blue and yellow.


Windows!Sans is a shy, weakened monster that doesn't like to be around others. He feels that Error should have killed him, but the determination he previously extracted saved him from death. One of the AUs that Windows!Sans is most comfortable with is Aftertale Sans. (Geno) Windows!Sans lives in the anti-void, but he stays away from Error, since after he "died", Error deemed Windows!Sans dead. He cares about others and he attempts to protect other AUs from Error, but everytime he tries, he almost gets killed every time. Recently, he began to stop doing this because he knew that Ink would protect each and every AU, but once Windows!Sans heard that Ink's paintbrush was destroyed and that his soul fractured, he became an insane and depressed individual. So far, Windows!Sans does not know about Windows!Papyrus, but he may have became a puppet by Error!Papyrus. He is greatly afraid of Dusttale, Underfell, SixBones, and Underfresh. He has the fear of water, panic attacks, heights, Error, himself, and volcanos.


Windows!Sans was originally Undertale Sans who kept having to watch Error destroy each and every AU. He got so tired of this he actually attempted to kill Error, but he failed after 1 attempt. Error tied him up, but previously, this Sans injected himself with determination so he couldn't be permanently dead without a reset from Chara or Frisk. When the last few minutes of his life came, his soul began to fracture. Once it was fully broken, Error left to another universe. Before he died, he injected himself with Windows Operational Systems, which he then became Windows!Sans. He currently keeps trying to trap himself into the anti-void, but he cannot do so, as he doesn't have enough power.


Gaster Blasters - He still can summon Gaster Blasters, which he calls Windows Blasters. They deal 8 damage upon contact, but if you make the mistake of touching them, they will kill you instantly.

Bones - He can still summon bones, but they do not deal as much damage as before. They only deal 0.5 damage, so he rarely ever spawns them, unless he is fighting another Sans.

The Microsoft Colors - This is a new attack, the red is an insta-kill, the green is for healing, the blue is for soul changing, and the yellow is for dunking.

Telekinesis - He can only use this on a soul that is red or blue.


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