Wimpytale is an AU in which characters in the Diary of A Wimpy Kid has the original's roles, for example, Rowley is Mettaton, Rodrick is Papyrus, Greg is Sans..... etc.


Wimpytale Characters


Is the first character to encounter. He's not a flower, but a soulless little boy. He gives the protagonist some "Friendliness Love", which are actually harmful bullets.


Is the caretaker of the Ruins. She likes brownies.

Chirag sometimes hangs out in the Ruins. It is unknown if Susan notices he's there. Chirag wears a white sheet.

Greg is the laid-back brother of Rodrick.

Rodrick just wants to capture a human so he can join the Royal Guard.

Heather will pursue the protagonist throughout Waterfall. She turns into "Holy Heather" during a Genocide Route.

Holly is the Royal Scientist of the Underground and is the sister of Heather.

Rowley is the star of the Underground.

The Pig was a good sibling of Sweetie before he died. Holly was able to bring him back as a little 4-year-old boy.

Sweetie has a strong hatred for humanity and monsterkind, and possesses the protagonist at the end of a Genocide Route.

Fregley runs a secret shop. You can pay for his college education, and he will allow you to buy "Stinky Armour".

Frank is the leader of the Wimpyverse.

Grampa is the employee of the RWY Resort.

Maddox might be Muffet.


  • Even though Chirag wears a sheet, in the game, it looks like he's wearing a white jacket or a cloak.
  • There should be leitmotifs.
  • Snowdin is renamed to Frosdin, which is more alternate and a bit modern just like today.
  • Because Fregley has Temmie's role, Fregley is a female. This was a mistake.
  • Manny speaks English, but he cannot pronounce some words.
  • An easter egg is that Fregley is mistaken as a frog, and in game, he says "RIBBIT RIBBIT".
  • The CORE is about to be renamed as APPLE, as we thought it would be a place full of apples you can pick.
  • Manny is the smallest character in the game.
  • Fregley can be called "Frog".


Please make these following leitmotifs!

  • Your Best Brother
  • You fell down, sweetheart.
  • Ruins
  • Indian Fight
  • You broke my heart
  • greg.
  • Har, har, har!
  • Wimptrousle
  • Frosdin
  • Heather
  • Waterfall
  • Fregley Village
  • Frog Shop
  • YAGHHHHH!!!!
  • Gun of Justice
  • Battle Against A True Teen
  • Holly
  • Zoo-Wee-Mama!
  • Car Smasher
  • Another Horizon
  • You're on TV!
  • Happy Dance
  • Rowley's Resort
  • Death by Awesome
  • Power of "WIMPY"
  • Deuwimpewagen
  • Your worst ever brother
  • Final Wimp
  • Maglama
  • Wishes and Wimps
  • SAVE The Wimp
  • His Oinks
  • Reunited (Wimpytale)
  • Megalo Barks Back!!!
  •  ???

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