Wildtale is an ongoing comic series created by Kella(also known as metalphoenixxwolf on DeviantArt).

The comic series can also be found on wildtaleau on tumblr or on deviantart.

Work Planning

  • WILDTALE started and created in NEW YEARS 2016 but recreated in 2017.

Wildtale has the opening prologue of 14 pages(remaking, still in progress), main story (sequel) containing chapters of (12?), and prequel events containing chapters of (10?) (Xerotale).

It is an Intense, Mind-blowing, Spine-Chilling, Thriller, Action, Drama, Adventure, Comedy, & Full of Mystery!

What plans there is going to be is 3 comic story telling to the events of Wildtale (SOME SPOILERS): 

  1.  Wildtale “Sequel” (Present events happening now
  2.  Xerotale “Prequel events where it all started before the Underground then leading to UT” (Before the War)
  3. Story where it all began (aka Undertale) “Prequel events leading to Wildtale” (Lost book pages


  • The story begins from a “what if” tragic event taken place after undertale. This au world has become a distorted, non-reset AU that brought forth the unexpected and calamity. It shouldn’t have gone on of continuing, having more existence within the outer walls of underground. However in this AU, everything and anything can change.. even death to a character is inevitable.

Characters(In progress)

Wildtale Prologue:

Wildtale Chapters:

(There will be more in wildtale though I don't want to spoil much)

Xerotale Chapters:

  • Young/Adult Asgore (Main)
  • Young/Adult W.IL.D Gaster (Main)
  • Toriel
  • Teenage Alphys
  • Teenage Undyne
  • New character oc? (would reveal spoilers)
  • Young Asriel
  • New character oc? (would reveal spoliers)
  • Young Chara
  • Baby/Young/Teenage Sans
  • Baby/young Papyrus
  • Other creatures (monsters)

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