"His home destroyed, casted out, betrayed. Abandoned with nothing to call home. Patient. Trapped inside. Awaits for help.. for a chance to be reset."
Wild's world appears in Wildtale au.

Wild's creator made by Kella (aka metalphoenixxwolf on DevaintArt)

Wild’s Appearance

  • Age Unknown
  • HP is unknown/blurred.
  • HEIGHT- 7'2-8'2 foot tall/massive size.
  • Body Bones are much bigger than it used to be (+ sharp fangs and sharp claws).
  • Clothes- White top, Color-faded blue jacket, and spiky gym pants (clothes are torn on ends)
  • His fur is long covering his neck and back with one tail on end, all attached to him like skin and moves. (If his fur gets wet, he’ll “shake” to brush it off as so his fur gets poofy and full of fluff.)
  • Armor on his shoulder blades is attached to his body like glued on(Shoulder blades can be used for a shield in combat). 
  • When mentality unstable, his white pupil shrinks as eye turns magenta(inside of pupil) and light blue(outside of pupil), as his fangs are more sharp to bite the most unbreakable material (same with his tongue glows light blue & has striped magenta on the top.)
  • Wears a red scarf as a bandanna around to cover his neck and his right face.
  • Armorhead- Lluks, sole project created from ??? (The protector of Wild, he has a great role with this story, he detects danger or any potential threats from miles away. Though as Lluks may look dead but it’s quite the opposite
Wild Sans Ref


Wild Sans bonely warrior
  • “Silent-type” / Caveman talk (He’s not exactly a mute or dumb-minded that most people seem to think, he’s actually smart. His only focus for now is mostly on keeping control of his power and his emotions under control. So he does talk but only when it’s necessary. His Speech + Cannon Notes)
  • Serious but peaceful. (Though his intentions remain unknown).
  • Somewhat self-centered but often tries to think of others before himself.
  • Willing to learn to grow and trying to be open-minded.
  • Semi-depressed (tends to hide it). 
  • Protective/Caring of his family ,friends, comrades, etc. 
  • Alert of his surroundings more thoroughly.
  • Bewilders at times. (Tilts his head when doing so)


Slow motion fur1
  • Secretly holds alot of grudges.
  • Doesn't use short-cuts.
  • Fierce but Reckless (Fights only if tempered/tempted enough, out of options, or doesn’t have a choice)
  • Some of his magic leaks out uncontrollably when his mentality is unstable.
  • Suffers from illnesses-Brain Trauma on the right side of his head and his body due to a “tragic event". Caused- Disability of bad speech patterns, fried nerves- pain comes and goes, lacks social communication, insomnia, doesn’t have dreams
  • Needs raw meat every so often(like protein) to keep his “beast self” under control.(When he does see raw meat of a dead animal, his vision gets red and his teeth get larger, growing in fangs but he really tries to deny the meat.
  • Red Scarf covering his neck and to hide his right face (Thinks Papyrus is dead so he wears what’s left of his bro). Whenever he tries to hide himself underneath the scarf, he’s either being secretive, showing distrust in something, become ashamed, blushing, or showing fear.


  • Loves red tomatoes and good humor.(ketchup are rare to find but he still prefers tomatoes for some odd reason)
  • Takes great care of animals and nature.
  • Petted/massaged and being praised.
  • Absolutely LOVES music for it calms him down (depends on the type of instrument) so he’s very drawn to them but cautious when he approaches the sound.
  • Little terrible at dancing but he rather get it over with.
  • Being with his family..


  • Conflict and stress. (He tries to avoid fights as much as possible) 
  • Absolutely hates chains, ropes, and cages with a passion.
  • Uses his leg to scratch any itchy bone spots to places he can’t normally reach(it annoys him).
  • He may chase bones in a furious uncontrollable wind movement. 
  • Hates any kind of footwear (bandages however are accepted) 


Wild Time
  • His physical power is “beast-like”. His bigger transformation self has made to give him great sense of physical strength and agility that heightened all 5 senses (smell, sight, hear, taste, touch) having 10x stronger of defense than his previous small state. Quick on good reflexes that his own body just moves on it’s own.
  • His magic power is immensely overwhelming (Would use two fingers and flick off an enemy as they fly uncontrollably outwards or uses an “aura ball” (aka air or spirit consumed) to cause a great impact which makes an enemy weak and catch them off-guard only for a few minutes or so) but he never kills without reason.) 
  • “Bone blades” are MOSTLY for defense and protection, not to kill(If it becomes at a critical moment, he WILL likely spare and/might leave the scene), only uses them when it’s necessary. (The bone blades can each turn a magenta and blue engulfing flames, electrifying, spiraling around (magenta causes great damage and blue.. “remember blue stop sign”). 
  • (New power)Thermal vision to track down any heat source or movement.
  • His “Call of the Wild” Roar, can only be done by consuming energy of nature (which ultimately either kills the plants or having less oxygen in the air). 

Side Notes(Important!)

Sans Pixel0
  • Manipulate animal sounds.
  • Runs on all fours! 
  • His soul beats like a heartbeat when casting intense magic. 
  • He will only have Lluks(Armorhead) on his head IF he has no choice where he’s being forced to fight (plus if it’s a difficult opponent.)

Most quotes he tends to say(alot of a wild puns);

  • “Sorry. Took me ay wild get here.”
  • “Welp, me been ice-solate here for ay wild now.”
  • “Guess us got.. ay wild time.“ 
  • “Aye.“ / “Nay" / “Ach.”
  • “Howl you?“ 
  • “Ice to meat you.“ 
  • “You (all) are such ice hole.”
  • “Come wild at me, if you dare.“ 
  • “Not tell. Show me.”
  • “What wrong? Got cold feet?“ 
  • “What problem? Fear me bite?” 
  • “Beautiful night. Full moon out and bright, all star song, sing and dance”, day like this.. all creature like you.. move back hell where you came from.“  
  • “Snow use try bite back, why not lay down make easy for us both.”
  • “You got bone pick with me?… Heh.. Speak you voice.”  
  • “You feel sleep yet? Heh worry you not, will be all over then you real-eye.”
    Wild Sans Ref3

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