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We did not draw well, but made a good sprite game here. This is an AU I'm trying to do.

About the AU

Sans, Papyrus, Alphys, & Gaster discovered the Timeline and Void Monster Research. In this AU,Gaster doesn't fall into the CORE because he is careful because he knows he might die. The future of Sans and Papyrus (as a child) will know about TimeLine, so he goes to the Wiki Void. He is lonely and deceiving people who all think he mysteriously disappeared after Sans and Papyrus grew up, and that Alphys was the new scientist. He then ordered three wipes as Wiki Void and told them everything and asked them three. To help find all of the AU information to spread the status of other worlds, here's a great way to find one. All three monsters agreed, Sans agreed because he want to focus on stories that people do not even know. Papyrus agreed because it was fun and Alphys agreed because she wants to be a great scientist. Gaster made WikiTale happen. These 4 monsters are researching all the AU and answering these questions in a dimension called the Wiki Void, which makes it possible for everyone to get AU information, regardless of the source of AU or the AU secrets that they have been looking for.


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