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Upon countless resets, Science Sans was finally able to find a way to end all resets for good. Science Sans uses himself as the first subject for the digital reconstruction into real life. His initial plan fails, but works in the same way. He was able to end up in the REAL world.

He enters a real human's body, takes control of them, and later codes a backdoor to his machine to get the entire underground into real life. For those that made it into real life, they later learned about their creator and what they are. Interested by their origin, they all pledge to invest in making the game more interesting. They ended up on wikis all over the globe and wonder and role-play! Determination no longer is needed because it turns out, monster souls are way more powerful than real human souls.

Extra Details

  • The Amalgamates/The Failed DT Experiments were deleted from the game's code since they could not exit and would suffer eternally.
  • Gaster was found but unfortunately if he shattered across space and time in-game, he would be shattered in real life because his code would be too unstable.
  • All AUs are now in real life and are free to roam all Wikis!
  • Asriel now uses an Artificial Soul.
  • The 6 Human Souls Collected were used in Science Sans' Digital Reconstruction Machine.


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