WhoTale is an au combining Undertale and the British television show Doctor Who. In the au the Doctor, in the form of Sans, escapes Gallifrey before being sent to fight in the time war; he travels to earth and uses the Tardis to split his remaining lives into separate beings. each incarnation will be listed in order: Sans is the first doctor, Papyrus is the second, Alphys is the third, Mettaton (the rectangle one) is the fourth doctor, Muffet is the fifth doctor, Napstablook is the sixth, Grillby is the seventh, Asgore is the eighth, Toriel is the Shalka Doctor (originally going to be the ninth doctor, info on the shalka doctor here ), Undyne the war doctor, Asriel is the ninth doctor, Doggo is the tenth doctor, Mettaton Ex is the eleventh doctor, and Frisk (male) is the twelfth. Other characters include Chara being the Valeyard, flowey as the master, and Gaster as Davros, creator of the Daleks. Although each character is a different incarnation of sans, only sans has knowledge of the Tardis' existence.
WhoTale Papyrus sprite
WhoTale Gaster
WhoTale Chara
WhoTale Alphys
WhoTale Mettaton
Whotale Snas

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