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WhatTheHellIsThisTale, or WTHITTale is an Undertale AU made by 1WikiConstructionTemmie1 where things are made weirder.


  • Frisk is blind because they smashed their face into a cake on their 2nd birthday, and then took their parents' Bugatti and drove it down Mt Ebbot, due to being blinded by the cake.
  • Flowey is a dandelion that was mutated into a sunflower after a massive dose of weedkiller.
  • Toriel is actually the sheep in "Ba Ba Black Sheep."
  • Papyrus and Sans are both skeletons because Undyne turned their skin into a piano with grape juice poured into it.
  • Sans bleeds in the genocide route because he is deathly allergic to knives and his jacket is actually made of red velvet cake.
  • Undyne's Spear is actually a toothpick that got genetically modified by a can of Campbell Soup.
  • Mettaton is a box is because Alphys is married to a box with a picture of an anime cat taped to it and if you touch the box, it turns into Gaster and starts having a Grand Mal Seizure so she made MTT a rolling robot and made him a news reporter/star because Alphys is addicted to Bay News 9.
  • Mettaton Neo can be killed in one hit since Alphys spilled Alphys' spaghetti into him while constructing MTT Neo.
  • Asgore is secretly a mountain goat from the 1450's
  • Chara is actually an evil American Doll toy.
  • Temmie has bad English since they are secretly controversial politicians.

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