Weedy is a god-like comedic relief character in [REDACTEDtale]. He is capable of doing literally anything, however, he chooses just to be a perverted blonde human who is addicted to weed. He likes to tease and hang around with [REDACTED!Chara].

Made by IredactedI.


Nobody knows how he was created, but some believe he was once human and suffers from an intense form of depression that causes him to submit to carnal desires and not try to do anything. This is probably caused by his god-like powers. He is capable of fixing all the problems in the multiverse, but decides not to because of his perverted personality and laid back way of life. He is married to a woman named Cracky, who is an ordinary human who is surprisingly not addicted to crack (and has a child on the way, mate.)


LITERALLY EVERYTHING. Like are you serious, mate?


  • [REDACTED]!Chara fears him due to his godly powers and potential to stop her.
  • Weedy literally has no reason to exist in the AU but does anyway.

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