This alternate universe was stuck in between the shock caused by the creation of other AU's. Several characters from other AU's appear in this AU and some new characters of whom don't have entire universe yet, in other words "OC's" appear in this universe as well as well known characters from other AU's.

This AU features the characters:

Toriel (Undertale classic)

Sans (Underswap)

Papyrus (Undertale classic)

Flowia/Tasgore (OC and sister of Asriel)

Asriel (Undertale classic)

Sans (OC)

Chara (Storyshift)

Alphys (Undertale classic)

And a mysterious group of W. D. Gaster like entities known as "Gasters".They secretly monitor other universes and intervene when necessary. The names of the currently known Gasters are:

Eve rye 1






For some reason most of their names are in l33t speak.

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