WarShift is an AU made by me, UnderswapPapyrus34. It is quite different from most AUs.


  • Seven humans fell down all at the same time. Their names are as follows: Frisk (Determination), Lilith (aka Lily) (Patience), Roxanne (Bravery), Magnus (Integrity), Alder (Perseverance), Dani (Kindness), and Korin (Justice).
  • Toriel is that of a witch. She is an alchemist and uses a staff as a weapon as well as fire magic.
  • The monsters in the ruins help her take care of the humans once they reach the end of the ruins ingame.
  • Hapstablook (Aka Mettaton) is in place of Napstablook, and vice versa.
  • Papyrus and Sans are swapped.
  • Papyrus has a bonelike staff, and his jacket has a symbol of a spider on it.
  • Sans remains almost the same as Underswap Sans, aside from the fact that he is a bit taller and tries to boss Papyrus around a bit more (just like SwapFell Sans or UnderFell Papyrus).
  • Muffet and Grillby work together, and Muffet's pet is in the place of muffet.
  • Undyne x Alphys is no longer cannon.
  • Undyne is a bit different, as her armor is changed and she has a special attack.
  • Undyne x Papyrus is the different cannon ship.
  • Alphys x Sans is cannon.
  • Napstabot remains the same as he is in UnderSwap aside from the fact that he is a guitarist and DJ.
  • Asgore is a warrior/wizard.


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