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Wanderer is the product of a fusion between the largest piece remaining of Gaster and the yellow human soul. He originates as the soul survivor of the first world Error ever destroyed, and wanders the multiverse, searching for his place in it all. he also hates ERROR for stealing his chance at a normal life.


Since Wanderer is a fusion of a monster and a human soul, he looks like a cross between a male human child, with a purple jacket, no hair, and Gaster, having black eyes with glowing white pupils and a gaster smile. Wanderer ended up looking a lot like sans (I edited a sans sprite to make the image)


Wanderlust ray- Essentially a gaster blaster, except with purple eyes, 999999999 damage

Soulless bomb- black souls with holes through them that will one shot most enemies


Suffers from Monophobia and ADD (his mind Wanders)

Is weak against other piece of Gaster, EG Gaster sans

Will sometimes teleport into walls

Doesn't always think things through

Can be shattered if frozen and take a long time to reform

Is surprisingly flameable for being made of a liquid


Teleportation, gravity manipulation (is purple instead of blue, like Sans or Papyrus), The ability to travel between dimensions, awareness of alternate timelines, is nearly unkillable since he is for the most part liquid, this also makes it impossible for ERROR to tie him up in the strings. Can use his "Handy Wiki Thingy" to look up opponents and learn about them, their powers, and their weakness. Can absorb monsters to gain their powers, this does not work on characters are amalgamates or characters who are fusions of other characters, like Comic Papyrus. Can be used as a Anchor to pull other Gasters out of the void

Place of Residence



CORE!Frisk- Wanderer finds her amount of power somewhat terrifying, yet comforting since he believes it to be in good hands

ERROR!Sans- I believe I said he hates the Punk

Sans and Papyrus- He feels somewhat awkward around the Original Sans and Papyrus, since they are almost exactly like his timelines Sans and Papyrus... who were now their older then him...yeah, awkward.

Ink!Sans- He's not entirely sure how he feels about Ink!Sans, other than that he feels he should be using all of his power to put a stop to ERROR. Ink!Sans dislikes Wanderer because he once nearly killed Paperjam  when he mistook him for ERROR.

Paperjam- Trys to kill wanderer on sight because of the whole "Nearly killed him when he thought he was error," this also caused most Outcode Characters to dislike him highly

Dream!Sans- He is one of only a few Outcodes who will tolerate wanderer.

Terracus-Hates this guy more then Error since he gave Error the order to destroy his world....

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