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Not all who wander are lost.
WanderTale is a Undertale AU starring "The Wanderer", who is the largest piece of the shattered W.D. Gaster. This AU has ONLY EXISTS on this wiki. Wanderer is filling the role of Frisk and traveling between several AUs in order to find the seven other pieces of Gaster, before ErrorSans does.




The largest piece of Gaster, Wanderer was infused with the yellow soul, allowing him to exist independently from the rest of Gaster. However, he feels... incomplete without the rest of Gaster and is constantly trying to find pieces of his former self.


Since Wanderer is a fusion of a monster and a human soul, he looks like a cross between a male human child, with a Black striped shirt, pure white hair, and a red baseball cap, and Gaster, having black eyes with glowing white pupils and a gaster smile. Unlike Gaster, Wanderer lacks the permanent tears that drip from Gasters eyes, which are perhaps the only part of him that does not drip


  • Wanderlust ray- Essentially a gaster blaster, except with purple eyes, 999999999 damage
  • Soulless bomb- black souls with holes through them that will one shot most enemies


teleportation, gravity manipulation (is purple instead of blue, like Sans or Papyrus), The ability to travel between dimensions, awareness of alternate timelines, is nearly unkillable since he is for the most part liquid, this also makes it impossible for ERROR to tie him up in the strings.

Weakness- Suffers from MonoPhobia, or the fear of being alone



ERROR!! Sans


I'm going to assume you know who Error Sans is... but if not, there's an entire wiki page on him, I'm not going to take the time to explain who he is, only why he is after Wanderer's other pieces. They are infused with the power of the core and in the wrong hands, are extremely dangerous. They can be used to destroy entire AUs. Error hates Wanderer because the only way that ERROR could destroy Wanderer would be to destroy ALL the pieces of Gaster at once, and it is virtually impossible to find them all, so wanderer is one of only a few beings who cannot be erased. That and Wanderers annoying habit to reset AUs that ERROR has destroyed.