"Wow... You must be very determined to kill me..."- WHAT!Sans


This is WHAT!Sans in his True form, who is from the WhatTale Universe. WHAT!Sans is made by the cool dude, MrZephyr128. This is what happens if you Somehow kill What!Sans. He turns into a bigger, nasty monster than before. This AU has the same goal as What!Sans but he is now full of hatred and will try to destroy you with no mercy. (The music does not belong to me.)

Powers. . .

WHAT!Sans has the same powers as What!Sans, but they are 95% more powerful. The bones are now like boomerangs, with sharpened ends. The Gaster Blasters now have a mind of their own. They now can have their own groups, and attack when they want. WHAT!Sans still can control them, but he just doesn't really care to anymore. The knife from Chara that they had before, turns into a Huge Sword of hate. They still can slash red marks in mid-air, which act like bones.




Somewhat original Sans look. He haves spiky shoulder pads, which are tethered to his chest. With arm pads, that also, haves spikes. He is wearing a Sans jacket, that is black and haves a horizontal white line in the middle, which is nearly invisible. He haves more 'tears' on his face, no eyes. And, haves 'Block Errors' around, and part of his body. Followed by 'Cracks' around his body.

Links to WhatTale and What!Sans

Fanart Gallery! :D V

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