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Template:Wrong Wiki Alphasaith Wing Ding Gaster was the royal scientist before Alphys. He was killed by The Shadowy Figure in 1990.


Wing Gaster is quite brilliant, and far ahead of his time. Wing would do almost anything to please and help his king, King Asgore.




Wing is almost always dressed in a lab coat when at work. When not at work, he is normally dressed in a black robe or black duster(After 1873).


Laboratory Arc


Wing sees Sans as a thing, property. The first test subject in his experimentation with the SOUL.


Wing sees Papyrus as a thing, property. The second test subject in his experimentation with the SOUL.

The Shadowy Figure

Wing values The Shadowy Figure much higher than Sans or Papyrus. The Shadowy Figure is the third and only successful subject in Wing's experimentation with the SOUL.


Alphys is one of Wing's assistants.


Asgore and Wing are best friends. They have known each-other almost all of Asgore's life.


Wing killed the Human that fell into the Underground before Frisk.

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