Wingding is Bun-bunmuse's version of W. D. Gaster. He is the youngest of the group. He blames himself for the others being trapped in the void.



He is very intelligent, which is why he's the Royal Scientist. He blames himself for Swap, Fell, Stars and Blindy being trapped in the void, showing a sign of self-loathing. He sounds like a male Peridot, and behaves similar to her as well. He is a workaholic, so Stars has to keep an eye on him and his sleeping patterns, so he doesn't get sick. He dislikes physical contact, and often complains when people are in "his personal space". In goop form, he is nervous, and will scream if encountered on surprise.


He has ivory bones and no hair. His visible pupil is white, but turns yellow on some occasions. He is the shortest and youngest Gaster in the void, being basically a teenager. He occasionally wears glasses, which he tapes to his head. His cracked face is identical to W. D. Gaster, since they're basically the exact same.

He wears a dark grey sweater, black pants, black shoes and a white lab coat.


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