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Fell is Underfell Gaster in Bunnymuse's GasterGang. He was Asgore's general for the war of humans and monsters.



Despite him being a Fell monster, he's not evil, he's just a jerk. He's mostly a jerk to his sons, such as laughing at them for being scared of thunder. He does sometimes show a soft and caring side, shown when he sang a lullaby for his two sons, to help them calm down. He is closest, out of all the GasterGang, to Blindy. He has been a Prisoner of War, and had escaped 3 days after, at the cost of his pride. (story can be found here.) The war had given him Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, otherwise known as PTSD, and fireworks will set off his flashbacks if he does not take his medications. An incident with Muffet had given him Arachnophobia. He has to take 3 different medications for his PTSD, one to prevent, or at the very least, minimize his initial reaction, one to help his occasional depression and one to help him sleep, if he is having trouble sleeping.


He has ivory/white bones and no hair. His pupils are red, and one is deformed while the other is a circle. He has two cracks going from his eye sockets to the bottom of his skull, and one crack on his head that does not reach his eye socket. He has holes in his hands and his hands are disconnected from his body and levitating over his wrists. He has sharp teeth.

His most common outfit is a faded dark red sweater, a black trenchcoat with torn sleeves, black pants and black boots with white lace and white toes. Most of the time, he is wearing a red torn scarf and chewing on a toothpick.

Weapons and Abilities

Bunnymuse has described him as "pretty much a tank". He is incredibly tough physically, but, when wearing his armor, is not that fast, but can withstand a good deal of damage. He prefers to summon his own weapons, rather than use man-made weapons. It has been stated, nocanonically, than he opposes Maestro. He relies on strength and endurance mostly. He does have Gaster Blasters, but only uses them in extreme conditions, as it tires him out.



It has been stated that he has a close bond with his king. When the war arose, Asgore had needed a general, so he enlisted a friend, which was Gaster. Gaster fought, despite never wanting to go to war, showing he is loyal to his king.


Wingdings and Fell have a hazy relationship. Fell often looks to Dings for answers, and calls him names, such as "Wingdingus".


Swap and Fell are often on bad terms. Swap instills rules that, being a fell monster, are hard for Fell to obey. Swap often throws Fell into the empty void they live in, mostly for swearing or smoking, and Swap has labelled this as "taking out today's trash".


Stars and Fell have a hazy relationship. It is presently unknown how they react to each other.


Blindy and Fell have a stable relationship. Fell often allows Blindy to use him as his "seeing eye", despite the pain it may bring.


  • Fell has a nasty habit of chewing on toothpicks.
  • The name of his late wife is presumably "Rosanna".
    • Turns out Rosanna was his fiance.
  • He is the second oldest of the Gasters, the oldest being Outertale.
  • He and Blindy are the same height.


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