Serpentine is a non-canon fusion of Fell and Blindy.



They are mostly calm, unless irritated. If they're irritated, they are violent, feral and fierce. If a human is in their presence, they act with hostility, but will not harm the human, unless they harm Serpentine's friends. They are pretty lazy overall, as they are often tired and they are half blind. They often threaten others out of Fell's rage, mostly Swap, although the others have discovered that their threats are empty and meaningless. They have a strong liking to meat, namely steak, chicken wings and human hearts. They have PTSD and an eating habit.


They have ivory bones and no hair. Their right eye is constantly closed and their left is light red. They have 3 cracks underneath their eye sockets and two above their eye sockets. 2 of the lower cracks are below his right socket while one is below their left, and the two cracks above their eye socket are above their right socket. They have one incomplete cracks nearly touching their upper left eye socket. They have a long serpent tail, 2 eyes and 4 arms.

They wear a light green loose sweater, a black coat, dark green pants and black boots with white laces and toes. They also wear a red scarf with a red amulet attached to it in the front.


They are very good in combat, due to Fell's combat knowledge and Blindy's high LV and combat knowledge. They mostly fight with bones, but they are also proficient with swords. They do have blasters, but will only use them in dire situations, as it tires them out. They are good at defense, attack and physical strength. They prefer using summoned weapons rather than man-made weapons. They can summon their own sword, for both attack and defense, and tentacles, which are sharp and rough, in case they are attacked from behind.


Since their right eye is constantly shut, their are certain places one can be to be "invisible" to them.


  • They share a making with Eclipse.
  • They're a very complex fusion.
  • They have a strong disliking to Swapfell.


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