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Dr. W. D. Gaster in Rescuetale is the commander-in-chief of the Rescue Monsters.



W. D. Gaster is extremely intelligent. He and Alphys made the technology used in the Rescue Monsters' Command Center. He had the abition of sending him, his followers and Gerson into a space station to monitor the world. Gerson simply said, "I'm too old to be in space." Gaster respected his decisions. When he is really nervous he sometimes speaks in wingdings. When he is extremely mad, he swears in wingdings.


Dr. Gaster wears a white lab coat with a light gray collar, a red tie, gray pants and dark gray shoes. He also has a Rescue Monster badge on his coat. He still has the cracks in his skull, but Gaster is okay with that.


To Be added.


  • His sprite is a modified form of his scientis sprite from his Unitale battle. All I did was change the face, color in certain spots and gave him a badge.

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