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Scrap is the Createtale version of Gaster.



It can safely be said he is an idiot, but fortunately, Two-Tone enjoys teaching. He is afraid of snakes, CNAS and loud noises. Unfortunately, on the whole him being an idiot thing, it makes him slightly different from other Gasters. He often doesn't think ahead, which will get him into trouble, such as which his Legondfell incident. He often forgets not to touch magical stuff, which has turned him into a girl. He occasionally has moments of intelligence, but they are unintentional.


He has white bones and no hair. His face looks like a normal Gaster's face. His hands have holes in them.

He wears a purple turtleneck sweater, a black sleeveless vest, black pants and purple boots. He has a black spiked collar and red spiked wristbands. He has a work belt that is brown, that carries paint brushes, paint vials and pencils.

Weapons and Abilities

His job in the Multiverse if to finish any unfinished projects. He cannot summon Blasters, but is powerful nonetheless. He often uses his paints to blind or tag people. If they are tagged with his paints, he can sense them.


The holes in his hands makes it much harder to hold his weapons, since his weapons are small. These holes also makes it easier to tie his hands together.

He will lose track of what he's doing if his family or friends are in danger. His lost focus makes it easier for his enemy to overpower him.



Create is one of his two major creations. They deeply love each other, to the point of self-sacrifice so the other is safe.


Destroyer is the second of his two major creations. He loves Destroyer, but Destroyer never actually reiterated the feelings. He feels deep guilt for whatever made Destroyer evil.

Undertop Gaster

He sees Undertop Gaster as the only person that he'll listen to.


He cannot stand S.T. He and Create both plot to kill him brutally.


"Ehhhh... Ew, no."


He may or may not have a crush on her.

Fell Gaster

As much as he has a crush on True!Swap, he has a bigger crush on Underfell Gaster.

LT Gaster

His biggest crush is on Legondtale (you read that right) Gaster.

Crazy Nude Artist Sans

He is afraid of CNAS. His fear goes as far as him carrying a can of custom made "Meme Remover" to try to get him to go away.

The Demon

He loves her. She sometimes gets irritated by his stupidity, but she shrugs is off and calls him "her adorable stupid baby".


  • He is not Create and Destroyer's biological father.
  • He is allergic to pollen and most ingredients in pine cleaners.
  • Most of the characters, like Sanzy Fresh have mixmatched colors because he made them.
  • He is colorblind.
  • Despite stating that he's not afraid of anything, he is so afraid of CNAS, he carries a spray he made that he labelled "Meme Remover". This "Meme Remover" is a mixture of Mountain Dew and watered down maple syrup.


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