In CNAS-Tale the Timeline 101 variation of W. D. Gaster appears as a supporting character.


This variation of W. D. Gaster retains his famous face and holed hands, however now takes the shape of a large, grotesque blob monster. He has a large, dome shaped body with no legs and drenched in black goop, only having his face, hands and part of his chest exposed. The goo itself also leaks up and down his body, almost merging with his realm.


Appearances can be deceiving, and that is no more obvious with Gaster. Even though his grotesque physical form, he is a very kind, gentle soul, one who enjoys life even with bad experiences. He enjoys having company and always savors the experience.


  • Gaster's design was loosely based on the character No Face from the movie 'Spirited Away.'
  • Gaster's design was also based on a piece of concept art posted here.

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