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W.D. Gaster is father of Papyrus and Sans, and Royal Scientist working to King Asgore. Alongside the King, he was one of the few who came first in contact with The Fragment.


Gaster is a tall skeleton, with two cracks on his skull, beginning from his eyes; Crack from his left eye extends upwards, while one from his right eye does so downwards. He also has purple eyes.

Gaster usually wears black labcoat and purple scarf.


Gaster is highly intelligent and hard-working scientist who is willing to do anything to fulfill his duty, be it destruction of the Fragment or releasing monsters from Underground. He also cares deeply about his sons.


Coming later! Would not want to spoil the story, now would I?

Abilities and Powers

  • Magic : Gaster is highly skilled using magic in combat, be it using bone attacks or colouring his opponents SOUL. He can form barriers, fire magic blasts and beams and teleport.
  • Hand Blasters : While Sans can conjure Gaster Blasters, Gaster prefers to use smaller "Hand Blasters", replicas of his hands that can be used either to use different type of magic attacks or just grab things. They are more precise than Gaster Blasters.


  • Unlike in most AU's, Patrol!Gaster never fell to the Core.

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