KoZ, or Liam, plays the role of Gaster in Friendstale. He, as this role, is the Forgotten Scientist in Friendstale as well and has certain ties with characters in the series.


Liam appears as a tall, "goopy" figure wearing a black coat. He has a purely white face and hands with Xs in them. Some people who know him sometimes accidentally refer to him as an amalgamate.


Liam has an intentionally kind personality, yet mostly appears to have the intention of violence and destruction.


Liam can do similar things as Max, yet with a mix: He can teleport, summon energy bolt attacks, summon large, melting Dragon Heads, change a SOUL's current status (As in to change it's current mode, for example: Yellow = Shooting Soul), and summon K. D. Hands.



Liam and Max are close friends that had eventually separated ways, as he had been shoved into the CORE by a monster, and lost his main body. He had also worked with Max in the Labs until Max quit.


Create and Liam were acquaintances in the lab as both worked with Max to handle scientific issues in the Underground.


Liam and Jamie were just close friends that knew each other very well.

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