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​"Listen, I don't want to fight you, but I will.......Too bad for you, I'm a man of my word."

​VoidTale Samuel to AxeTale Sans

VoidTale Explanation

(Note: VoidTale is a written story, illustrations are being worked on. Any follower submitions of art are appreciated.)

VoidTale takes place after a very brutal genocide run, one in which Chara had obtained power that allowed her to kill off all of the strongest monsters, (Undyne, Mettaton, Asgore, and Toriel)  leaving only the weaker monsters to live in the now desolate Underground where Chara ruled with a iron fist. For five years, the remaining monsters conformed to her dark rule. The remaining Royal Guard became shadows of their formal selves, becoming violent and murderous to the point they fight against any creature that walked into their line of sight. On the surface, a ten year old teen named Samuel Travis witnessed the murder of his mother at the hands of his father. That incident broke open a hole, a connection, to Chara, for five years, she tormented him with the sounds of the screaming, trapped souls of the dead and living monsters. He developed schizophrenia, and sever paranoia with the constant screams and halucinations that Chara kept assaulting him with, to the point that she convinced him to try and kill his father. He failed and was admitted to a mental institution for two years, on his seventeenth birthday, he followed his dillusion and escaped up to Mt.Ebott. When he fell down, he walked thru the empty Ruins, walking all the way to Snowdin, which was destroyed and in tatters, and he soon fell down to his knees. The voices became too much and he began to have a break down, and as he collapsed, he saw a vision of Frisk telling him to stay determined. He was captured by Chara and was tourtured for a week, the vision of Frisk helped to free him and he escaped to the hallway, soon finding the mysterious door (Which to this point was hidden, because of Charas attempts to kill Gastor, which left him injured. Thus, he forced the doors presence to be hidden.) When he entered the door, he walked into the Void. Thru his injured stumbling he met Gaster, injured and dying on the ground, and they struck up a deal. Gasters soul was weak, but Samuel's soul was still strong, and for the greator good, Gaster fused with Samuel's soul, Gaster's being dissapated forever and Samuel took on a skeletal form. With his human soul traits, he left the Void and killed Chara, while also eliminating every monster he came across.  After he killed Chara, and destroyed every timeline that this perticular Chara had touched. (See ​Powers ​for an explination how.) After his job was done, Samuel put up his hood and walked thru the void to wander other AU's, because, he has nothing else better to do.


  • Samuel stands about as tall as Papyrus
  • Samuel wears a black hoodie and dark grey sweatpants. He is barely ever without a cigarette and always carries a zippo lighter in his pocket.
  • Samuel has a sarcastic and joking attitude all the time, but when he gets into a fight, his tone lowers and he becomes deadly serious, even murderous at times.
  • When resting, his eyes are white, but when he gets into a fight, they alternate between grey, black, and a tv static form. (Color meaning in order: Pain, Hate, and Insanity)
  • He curses a lot, sometimes without noticing, though he won’t curse around children.


  • Unlike other Sans's, Samuel can't dodge at all, due to his human soul aspects. Thus he relies on blocking with spikes.
  • Due to his cracked pyche, he uses actual weapons instead of bones.
  • He uses spikes, knives, and barbed wire as his magic weapons
  • He doesn't have the ability to summon Gastor Blastors, instead, he has three Gastor beasts, a Gastor wolf (Named Greggory) a Gastor Hyena (Named Jack)  and a Gastor Dragon (Named Fluffy). The Hyena and Wolf stand up to his chest and are both seven feet long, but the Dragon is about thirty feet tall and seventy feet long.
  • Samuel has the ablity to walk thru the Void with out problems, tho he can control the destination up to a mile away perfectly, but any farther and he leaves it up to chance. (Fun Fact: Everytime he has Void walked, he has run into a object as he came out.)
  • Summoning all the weapons and the Gastor Beasts stresses out the injured part of his soul
  • He is powerful enough to block a full power gastor blaster blasr with his bare hands, tho he will be fatigued.
  • He is a Retcon, (See the out of code page) uses a six shot revolver as his Retcon weapon. One shot is used up, used on his Chara.
  • He can switch physical positions with any reality of himself about three times before the stress harms his body.


  • Has fought against AxeTale Sans
  • Favorite food is muffins and cookies
  • Hates to be woken up from sleeping
  • Because of Gastors soul stopping the voices, he acts like a normal person( Tho is quite sarcastic), tho when he gets mad, he may snap into insanity
  • Has actualy Void-walked himself into UnderFell Frisk and made her cry, spent the whole week in a bush hiding from FellSans


  • Jack: Jack is the aspect of Samuels pain, it has a large mane of spiked bone hair with grey veins moving along it and oozing grey pain magic. The front two teeth are broken, due to a fight with Samuel when he first had to gain control and trust of the creatures.
  • Greggory: He is the Hyena, he is usually chuckling or slinking around Samuel, it is the aspect of his hate. Black ooze flows from its eyes and drips from its drool as it's long black tongue slinks across it's yellow teeth. A large crack is across its muzzle from it's fight with Samuel.
  • Fluffy: He is the Dragon, he is the largest and most powerful, able to blast someone out of existence from every time line possible with a blast, he represents his insanity. He has large claws and cracks all over, which show the tv static like magic that flows out of him. No wounds are on him, Samuel came to terms with his insanity and they are close companions.

End Note: @endtale--samuel on tumblr to read the stories and submit fan art to the creator