Virustale Sans Is The Oldest Brother Of Virustale Papyrus He Loves Making Puns And Loves Drinking Ketchup He Is Somehow Simlar To The Classic Sans His Worst Enmey Is Error Sans And Wants To Stop Error Sans From Desotrying More AUS his Other Enmeys Is Horror Sans And Killer Sans He Cares Much About His Brother And Can Be Dead Serious at times when he is talking about his brother his powers are he can freeze time and can gain a total level of 9999 and he will not rest until all the evil undertale AUS sans are gone for good and is the all mighty protector of all AUS and The Orginal Undertale And His Other Friend Is Dust Sans and his other enmey is Immortal Sans.

Immortal Sans

He hates immortal sans thinking he is killing all of the Au Charcters In Timelines and Universes.

Error Sans

Error Sans Is His Worst Enemy Whenever He Sees Error Sans He Starts Summoning Gaster Blasters Like Crazy And Fires At Error Sans And Trys To Stop Him From Destroying Aus.

Horror Sans

He hates horror sans for killing innocent childeren.

Killer Sans

He trys to stop killer sans from killing anymore au charcters.

Error Horror Sans

He hates error horror sans and trys to stop him from destroying Aus.

Virus Papyrus

He is the oldest Brother Of Virus Papyrus.


He Helps to protect Aus with TickTock!Sans from Error Sans.


He Is Friends With War!Sans.


He looks simlar to error sans

Photos and Videos

Virustale sans

Virus Tale Sans

Virus!Sans - Megalovania Digital Infection-004:26

Virus!Sans - Megalovania Digital Infection-0

VirusTale Megalovnia

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