Virustale is much simlar to errortale the charcters in the game are Virus Sans Virus Papyrus Virus sans Worst enmey Is error sans virus sans wants revenge on error sans for every au they destoryed virus sans cares a lot about his brother virus papyrus his other friend is Nightmare Sans They Find Error sans every day to have revenge on Error Sans For Every Au he Destroyed Virus sans attacks that he can freeze time itself and can gain a level of 9999 Also he can summon a Mega Virus Blaster Which Is A Giant Gaster Blaster That Fires A Virus His Other Enmeys are Killer Sans And Horrortale Sans Virus Sans And Virus Papyrus live in a courrpeted World Of Snowdin Whever Virus Sans Talks Sometimes His Font Changes to Papyrus and sometimes when papyrus talks his font changes to Sans His Apperance is simlar to Error sans except His Right Eye Is A Warrning Sign He Is The All Mighty Protecter Of All AUS And The Orignal Undertale He Kinda Trusts Nightmare Sans Since Nightmare Sans Hates Error Sans And Yet There Is No Virus Frisk Or Virus Flowey There Is Only Virus Sans And Virus Papyrus Virus Sans Likes Puns And Loves Drinking Ketchup Like The Classic Sans He Will Do Everything to save the AUS even if it means putting Virus Sans Life At Risk He Can Also Summon Nightmare Sans Whenever He Needs Help Virus Sans Will Not Rest Until All The Evil Undertale AU Sans Charcters are gone for good Also VirusTale Papyrus Can Also Crash The game Whenever The Game Boots Up Again It crashes again meaning the game has crashed Virustale Papyrus is a hard working skeleton he doesnt like Virus tale sans puns but he cares a lot about virustale sans He likes eating Spegetti Simlar To Classic Papyrus his Appearnce he wears a blue shirt with a red scarf and wears blue gloves and has a flowey plush on his arm.
Virustale sans

Virus Tale Sans

Virustale Papyrus

Virus Tale Papyrus

Virus!Sans - Megalovania Digital Infection04:26

Virus!Sans - Megalovania Digital Infection

VirusTale Megalovnia

Pavirus Theme (Nyeh Heh Heh! Bonetrousle Windows XP Remix)08:14

Pavirus Theme (Nyeh Heh Heh! Bonetrousle Windows XP Remix)

Virustale Bonetrousle


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