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This AU is cancelled since i didn't touch it for days, or months now. I feel like i am gonna cancel its production. I can still rp as it, but if it was taken by someone, i will no longer rping as it now.

"*Don't you love peace and imagination?"
– Toriel

Virtuestale is an AU where only the Main characters changed (not counting flowey ), their personalities are replaced which Heavenly Virtues are they, this is an opposite version of Sintale ( ideabyboneapetit )



Only seven characters ( Not counting flowey ) changed, the characters are still the same, but with different dialogue. Just like MK telling Frisk that Undyne is not very aggressive, they are patient, and thinks everything is easy, to make it easy to represent what Virtue are they, there is a symbol in their front.

Toriel -

Sans - Since his a hardworking little skeleton, he stills looks and wears lazy, due to hardworking, his attacks are somewhat stronger, they deal only 5 damage for now. He wears glasses also. He prefers Mayonaise over Mustard and Ketchup.

Papyrus - Papyrus just wants to make his own shop, but he has to capture a human (he doesn't want to). He wears a scarf and he wears a jacket and jeans. He is not aggressive, but he can be strong as he wants to.

Undyne - Undyne is passive, since she is the opposite of Wrath, she don't want to capture a human. She wears her normal house outfit. [ Black shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots. ] She sometimes can be aggressive.

Alphys -

Asgore -


Well, mostly the same, but it will look beautiful, shiny, and clean, since we had good people there.

The Ruins -

Snowdin -

Waterfall -

Hotland -

New home -

Throne room -


Have you heard of Seven deadly sins? How about Seven Heavenly Virtues? This is somewhat the opposite version of Sintale. Everything changed in the underground. Somewhat, the Symbols looks confusing, for less confusion, It has colors on them.

Red means Patience, Orange means Abstitence, Yellow means Liberality, Green means Kindness, Cyan means Deligence, Blue means Chastity, and lastly, Purple means Humility.


  • There is an opposite version of Seven deadly sins named: Seven heavenly virtues, this is the idea of the AU since no one made it yet.
  • The Seven virtues in Seven heavenly virtues are: Humility, Deligence, Kindness, Patience, Abstinence, Chastity, and Liberality.

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