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APOLOGIES FOR THE BAD ART. Vincent is, despite his sinister appearance, an AU Guardian, and mainly protects AUs such as Roguetale, Underfell, and Underswap. He is the creator of Roguetale and all of its inhabitants. He was created by....well...himself...yah..

He is not from the undertale multiverse, and comes from an unknown universe that he left to both protect the Undertale Multiverse and also escape the Sins of 12, who were a major threat.


In his true form, Vincent is a large alien being that's fully covered in black. He bears red eyes, and his right eye has a red scar over it. His body is rather muscular, and also slightly resembles the body style of Terracus, but not as sinister, and much more muscular and is slightly more anatomy-accurate, but still retaining long arms. In his human form, he has tanned skin, dark brown/black hair, and he wears a black hoodie and black jeans. Occasionally, he will wear a red skull balaclava with sunglasses and a flat cap on his head.


Vincent Endethyst was the second eldest child to Ethan Endethyst and Paige Endethyst. By the age of 13, he joined Order 58, the most deadly troops of his world's military. He was injected with a super-serum that enhanced all of his physical and mental capabilities, and also gave him rapid regeneration. However, he became aware that his government was plotting to inject their troops with another serum that would turn them into mindless and ruthless war machines, so he left the military with some other soldiers. However, his lord became angry with him, and cast a curse upon his family. The curse would only affect the person with the highest amount of hate in their body, which was his brother Victor. Victor turned violent and killed their parents, but Vincent and his other two siblings escaped To Earth. Many, many years later, Vincent discovered the Undertale multiverse, and became fascinated with it. He decided to create his own AU, Roguetale, and add it to the multiverse. However, he also became aware of the evil among it, so he volunteered to pose as a guardian of the AUs. He met Ink, and ever since, he has been working by his side.


Vincent has a mixed personality. Usually he's energetic, caring, and a fierce fighter, but sometimes if you do something he doesn't like, he will act very cold and cruel to you. He hates loudmouths and show-offs, and especially hates unfaithful or dishonest people as well. He strongly believes in justice, and puts it before many things.


Vincent has a large arsenal of weapons. These include twin submachine guns, various handguns and grenades, and gauntlet deployers, which link to the user's mind, and create whatever weapon they think of. He has extremely enhanced physical and mental capabilities and reflexes, and he also has regeneration. He can also use telekinesis on one's body (instead of their soul) and can summon gaster blasters, which are black and bear two red eyes. In some universes, he has the power to form death lock cuffs (Handcuffs that never let go and have no key) on victims by snapping his fingers, and snapping them again to make the cuffs disappear. Vincent can also manipulate lightning and can even use it to fly.


  • Vincent is not inVINCEible (Sorry I had to ^-^. Also, it's purposely misspelled). He is very weak to immortal weapons, especially unholy ones. He is also weak to xyphonite alloy, which destroys healing factors in any being.
  • He is sometimes lazy, and relies mainly on his magical powers and extreme skill, and not too much on his brain, which would probably make him go further in combat.
  • He hates swimming in water, and although he sort of knows how to swim, water slightly weakens him, and he fears being attacked while he's vulnerable (From below in the water or where he can't see). Though he can run way faster than Usain Bolt, he's much slower than Michael Phelps at swimming.
  • He's very sensitive to tickling.


Roguetale Sans

Rogue, or Rogue!Sans, Vincent's first creation.

Vincent Mask

Vincent's mask he uses in human form.

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