VillaTale/HannahTale is an AU made in honor of the 2015-2016 10-Gold section of Bacoor National High School Villa-Maria. Its main character is Hannah, one of the most well-known and loved (?) members of the Gold section of the batch. 

All the characters are replaced by students of the said section, with a few added from the other four sections (The storyline, however, is nearly identical to the actual game:

  • Frisk - Hannah Clarisse Pena, "Star student" of the class, here she becomes the titular heroine of the AU
  • Chara - Jane Rose "Bheng" Bersaba, the school salutatorian IRL
  • Flowey/Asriel - Jayson del Mundo, one of Hannah's closest friends IRL
  • Napstablook - Gabrielle Ramos, here she's a white lady who likes to listen to Praise and Worship songs on her iPod. She also composes her own. She is a friend of Mettaton
  • Toriel - Raymielynne Cordova, One of Hannah's best friends in her squad
  • Sans - Jeros Julian D. Infante, the school valedictorian and maker of the AU IRL 
  • Papyrus - Earon Ray Fazonela, a student who rather resembled Infante in their first year (they look far different from each other now, with Fazonela towering nearly a foot above Infante, just like Papyrus and Sans in the main game)
  • Temmie - Dairhene Maranan, a student who especially requested for a "cute" role
  • Grillby - Mel Christian Briones, a student with a rather quiet personality, like Grillby
  • Mad Dummy - Liwaywani Khan Hapni Canamo, a vivacious girl and the friend of Sunmig and Gabrielle IRL, here she's being what she's best: a boss @##  $$$$$
  • Monster Kid - Jansen Amarillas, the shortest boy in the class 
  • Undyne - Andrea Alejandro, a tomboyish girl with a blind right eye, like Undyne
  • Alphys - Ceslyn Rosales, a student who was close friends with Alejandro in school, she is also the school's First Honorable Mention
  • Mettaton - John Sunmig Cuyno, the Second Honorable Mention, a math nerd and a huge fan of BTS. His EX and NEO forms are inspired by the said KPOP group's fashion style, while his starter form is a CASIO calsulator on wheels
  • Muffet - Alyssa Serida, who was originally going to be one of the Temmies but demanded (read: threatened murder) to the AU creator to give her a more important role
  • Asgore - Kenneth Menorca, boyfriend of Raymielynne Cordova
  • Omega Flowey - it's just Jayson with lots of cartolina rolls and sequins and cutout flowers on him (except they turn real and deadly when he absorbs the six SOULS)

All the characters names (with the exception of Hannah, Jane, Gabrielle and Jayson) are portmanteaus of the name of the original character and the honorary student, as is the theme (names only, still looking for a way to make remixes)

  • Hannah - ("We're DEFINETELY not in the Philippines anymore")
  • Jane - ("Megalo-Comeback")
  • Jayson - ("Your Bestie [no really]")
  • Raymiliel - ("The Protector", "#brokenhearted")
  • Gabrielle - ("Lady in White")
  • Ian - ("ian.")
  • PapyRon - ("BoneJamming")
  • Demmie - ("dEm sHoP")
  • Andyne  - ("Spear of Swag", "Battle against the True Gangsta")
  • Alphene - ("Alphene")
  • Cuynotron - ("AlgeBraster", "Death by Trigonometry", "Power of CALCULUS")
  • Clarisse Muffet - ("Spider Chacha" [she's the school chacha grand champ IRL])
  • Kengore - ("KENGORE")
  • Omega Jayson - ("Your worst Bangungot, teh")
  • Jezriel - ("HOPES AND GRADES", "SAVE THE pabebe, SAVE THE WORLD!")

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