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Versotale is an Undertale Role-Swap AU where instead of the humans winning the war, the monsters won instead..

Notable Changes

Character Changes

  • The Protagonist/Player Character Role is taken by Asriel, having a voice and a personality based on the combination of Undertale Asriel and Flowey's.
  • The Empty One Role is taken by Asthana, a notably friendlier flower.
  • The Caretaker Role is taken by Frisk, a punny jokester who always worries that things will eventually go wrong.
  • The Fallen Role is taken by Undyne, a more aggressive and distrustful narrator.

Environmental Changes

  • The Ruins is replaced by the Perditus Borough. It has the same layout as the Ruins, but Frisk replaced the puzzles with riddles for safety.

General Changes

  • The Barrier requires Monster magic to be broken.


  • Techna named the AU Versotale because it is the reverse of what happened in Undertale.

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