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Pacifist Part 1

Pacifist Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

(Pacifist) Part 1 - Kelsey naming herself on the menu screen.

Characters (role -> character who takes the role)

Frisk = Kelsey

Flowey/Asriel = Grillby

Toriel = Monster Kid

Sans = Toby Dog

Undyne = Alphys

Alphys = Undyne

ASGORE = Flowey

Papyrus = MTT

Napstablook = Muffet

Temmie = Monster Kid and Toby Dog

Grillby = Mad Dummy

Muffet = Yellow SOUL/Clover

Chara = River Person

Asriel = Grillby

River Person = Chara

Gaster = Frisk

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