Alficiro takes the role of Vegetoid in UTAUWikiTale. He is usually found in the lesser pages fixing bad articles.



Alficiro is a doll of a chibi Alphys.


Alficiro is somewhat awkward and so spends most of his time alone editing pages.

When he isn't agitated, he instead directs people to the help pages.



He spends most of his time on fixing low-quality pages along with LunaDeaminac, they don't actually notice each other.

Main Story

When he noticed Ink Sans vandalizing the pages, Alficiro tries to give him (actual) constructive criticism on writing articles which restore Ink's IC. But due to his lack of skill in explaining, some of his words become hurtful and damage Ink's IC instead.

In battle



  • Choosing "Ask" causes him to attack with one of his bullets colored green, the green bullets heal 1 IC and allow Ink to spare Alficiro.
  • Choosing "Rebut" decreases Alficiro's DF and decreases the number of bullets in his attacks.
    • Choosing "Rebut" when Alficiro is ready to be spared gives you his Yellow Text.


  • The real Instant Deletion template {{Speedydelete}} he made as of now does not have an image of Chara or Error, but is given here for aesthetic reasons.

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