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Vanoss (also known as Vanossgaming) is the main protagonist of Vanosstale who play the main role of Frisk. He produces content on YouTube centered on playing popular video games with other YouTube collaborators. He climbs the forbidden Mt. Santos and falls down a deep cave, awakening on a bed of potatos within the underground with a damaged wing.


After Vanoss falls into the Underground, He embark on a journey to return to the surface. Vanoss is the last of the eight owlmens to fall into the Underground after traveling to Mt. Santos. Vanoss is not the "fallen creature" named at the beginning of the game.

Different between Vanoss and Frisk

  • Compare to Frisk who is human, Vanoss is an owlman from a race of Owl People.
  • While Frisk gender is unknown by many, Vanoss is obviously male.
  • He use more weapons in his fight against Omega Zoidberg.
  • He can sometime speak, Mostly alone when interacting with items.


  • It unknown what song would be seeing how Frisk don't got many themes. But it is assume there are a few possibility.
    • Example being Once Upon a Time can play in the style of his outro song.
    • Reunited would play in the style of his golden shirt song.
    • It is unknown on what his song would be in style of his more known song: Alcohol by Timeflies Tuesday.
  • If Vanoss gone through the Genocide Route, He would be possessed by Terrorizer

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