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"Greetings, Name's not important, I'm a Succubus and... I'm here for you pleasure"
Vampubus!Chara (And the Vampubus) was created by underfllow. Vampubus!Chara is an alternate version of Succubus!Chara. In this AU, Chara is a cross between a Succubus and a Vampire. A Succubus which is a sex-obsessed female demon that tries to seduce people while they are asleep, And a Vampire is obviously a blood-sucking demon. She is older than the original Chara. (Biologically around 17-18). like Succubus!Chara, this version of Chara has the ability to travel to different AUs (And has sex with the characters there). She comes from an alternate version of "Underlust", called "Bloodlust" where her mother is a Succubus, and her father is a Vampire.She travels to different AUs to seduce different characters and then suck their blood (She normally sucks their blood she's had sex with them, because she's still a sex obssesed Succubus). She's one of the most powerful versions of Chara, as her stats are sky-high because her fangs take out all the victims stats (HP, LV etc.)and gives them to Vampubus. The victim's soul will appear black, with no colour after she's sucked the victim's blood.



Vampubus!Chara wears a black and dark purple bra, a grey, vest-like tank top, Tight, black leather pants, Black collars with spikes on around her neck and wrists. (Shewears nothing on her feet.) She has Vampire fangs, Black bat-like wings, purple eyes, which glow and a heart shape will appear in them when she is having sex (or when she gets exited). Her eyes will turn black, and black goop will run out of them (Like Killer!Sans) when she is sucking blood. She has a long, black tail with a heart shape at the end of it. She also has black devil horns on her head. She has tattoos all over her back and stomach.   


Vampubus!Chara's personality is very similar is Succubus!Chara's. She's very sexual, lustful, and flirty. She's also quite a bit of a Goth. She's an evil, murdering vampire who sucks people's blood out of them until they are dead. She won't suck the blood out of people that she "likes" after she's finished with them, like Asriel.  


Succubus!Chara: Vampubus!Chara is Succubus Chara's rival and enemy. Succubus Chara dosn't really seem to care what Vampubus does, but they hate each other anyway.  

Asriel: Vampubus!Chara is madly in love with Asriel, he's the one that she "enjoys the most". She won't suck his blood after she's finished with him.  

Powers and Abilities

Vampubus Fangs: Her fangs suck the blood (or "life-essence") out of her victim's soul. Her fangs are her most powerful weapon. They are stronger than Vampire fangs.They also take out all the victims stats (HP, LV etc.) and gives them to Vampubus.  

Knives: She can summon a hoard of red knives. AU Travel: She has the ability to travel to different AUs. 


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