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Vampire-Verse is an AU created by TheGreatRouge on Tumblr. in this AU, Error!Sans is a vampire named "Fallacy" and Ink!Sans is a French artist known as "Encre" (translates to Ink in English). Jasper is Fallacy's son, and the Paperjam of the AU and Fresh!Sans is a butler to Fallacy and Jasper named "Suave"

The main story for the AU is still in progress, but what IS known is that Fallacy has had a Fascination with Encre for quite some time.

The story for the AU is still in progress, so not much is known as of now.

What is known

Fallacy and his best maid... did it, and thus created Jasper, but sadly this maid, Calamimi, got incredibly ill and died. (it has been confirmed by Rouge that Fallacy was depressed for a while after her death)

Fallacy has been interested in Encre since Encre was young.

There is still quite a bit of information of this AU that is yet to be known, and once some of it is, feel free to add it into this article.