Vagpper40 is an out-code character with no AU (Ipbunpaktale created a new timeline) created by Ipbunpak1.


He was originally from Ipbunpaktale. But Zapper40/Bloxwood did WAY too many genocide routes, causing the timeline to glitch and their souls to fuse.


He looks like Zapper40 and Bloxwood!Vagos!Ipbunpak combined. He has blonde hair, a white headband, a red jacket with a black shirt underneath, his jeans are darker than usual, he still has white shoes. His face looks like Zapper40's, but with cheeks and widened eyes.


Same as Chisk, but slightly anti-social.


Feel free to add your sightings here.

  • Skiedon!Ipbunpak was walking around and saw a guy wearing a red jacket and cheeks.

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