Hello everyone, I've just made a wikia account and i am a huge fan of the game Undertale (obviously otherwise I wouldn't be here) and i have an idea for a new AU.

Having of drawn inspiration from other games such as the Deus Ex series of games and the new game coming out Prey, I have the basic idea for the AU to revolve around cybernetic and gentic enhancements in a somewhat dystopian future being produced by both humans and monsters as an atempt to better their own races abilities and to best the other and take over after the war that sealed the monsters away (Humans would be working on enhancements to use their souls DETERMINATION in different manners and Monsters would be working on enhancements to better use their magic and try to gain a more physical form so they too can harness determination without fatal consequences shown from the true lab and Undyne The Undying in the original game).

I have more ideas of how to build up upon this idea and how different characters would fit into this AU and how Frisk would come to the evolved underground and how otherthings would work but this post is more of learning from people better at this than me of how to develop better ideas for this AU, learning if this idea actually appeals to anyone at all and i should start working on it or not, and also collectively trying to come up with an actual name for this AU if it is a success.

Sorry for the long post, but thank you if you read this and aid me in making this true.

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