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    Wiki poll

    September 15, 2017 by Yourlittlevaporeon

    My friend wanted to see if you want udnyne to have mech in his AU or no sorry its been cancelled

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    I will tell you my life and sturggles on thsi blog post

    I was born hurray

    I fell off the sofa and broke my leg (witch healed)

    I moved House from Toyama to a small town called Kusatsu

    My first day off Pre-school or kindergarden

    my Brother was born

    First day of proper school

    My mother was pregant with a sister

    sister died in a crash witch almost killed my Farther (sorry Mick i wasn't meant to say dead but very disbaled)

    Grandma past away

    Got a Nintendo DS for my birthday GAMES: Mario Kart and pokemon soulsilver

    (Lets skip a few years becuase All I did was make friends)

    Mother was given cancer

    Christmas miracle mother beaten cancer and enjoyed Crhistmas with us

    (More coming soon)

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    this is were you can ask them questions about things liek do you have a crush etc


    • Sans
    • toriel
    • flowey
    • papyrus
    • undyne
    • Asgore
    • Mettaton
    • alphys
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    i would like some people to help me with Eddstale like sprit makers and make item  page while i am working on a charcter page

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    June 8, 2017 by Yourlittlevaporeon

    this nothing you are reading nothing

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