The 6 human souls were still there even if the barrier was destroyed, well. Here's what I think.

  • Soul of Patience: Still thinking what to do, currently living on the couch in Papyrus and Sans' house. Cannot tolerate Sans' bad puns.

  • Soul of Bravery: Became boxing champion of the underground.

  • Soul of Intergrity: Backup Dancer in some of Mettaton's performances.

  • Soul of Preservence: Alphy's new lab assistant, managed to revive W. D. Gaster and made artificial SOULs for Chara and Flowey which means Toriel and Asgore got back together.

  • Soul of Kindness: Neighbours with Undyne and learnt EXTREME cooking.

  • Soul of Justice: Hangs out at Grillby's waiting for threats.

That's what I think about, what do you think?

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