My Undertale AU Roster is an AU where charaters from books, TV series, games and real life are put in an Undertale AU Roster

Here's mine

  • The Protagonist/Player: Roblox Noob

  • The Soulless One: Sunflower (PvZ)

Themes: Your Best Plant, Your Best Nightmare, Finale, You Zombie

  • The Caretaker: BLU Soldier

Themes: Fallen Noob, BLUache

  • The Recluse: Mario

Themes: Plumber Fight

  • The Inactive: Minecraft Armor Stand

  • The Accidental God: Pootis Bird

Themes: Pootsong

  • The Judge: Espeon

Themes: espeon., It's Raining Somewhere Else, That Song That Might play When You Fight Espeon, MEGALOPSYCHIC

  • The Ambitious: Umbreon

Themes: Catch that Noob!, Darktorusle


-Darkness Strike Back

-PokeStar Retribution

-Darktrousle (Disbelief)



  • The Restaurant Owner: Mr. Krabs

  • The Idolizer: Minecraft Baby Zombie

  • The Secret Boss: Painis Cupcake

  • The Isolated: Minecraft Ghast

  • The Cherished: Minecraft Chicken

  • The Transport: Weegee

  • The Captain of The Guard: Minecraft Villiger

Themes: HERGGGGGG, Spear of Emeralds, Battle Against A True Trader

  • The Enraged: Mad Armor Stand

  • The Chaotic/Competent Villager: Potato Mine (PvZ)

Themes: Potato Village, Potato Shop

  • The Royal Scientist: Minecraft Steve

Themes: Steve

  • The Celebrity: Luigi

Themes: Pipe Crusher, Death By Plumber, The Power of "Mushrooms"

  • The Club Member: Demopan

  • The Outrageous Vendor: Billy Mays

Themes: YTP Dance

  • The Abominations: Monsters That Are Cheated By Minecraft Command Blocks

  • The Monarach: RED Demoman

Themes: REDtrukung, RED DEMOMAN

  • The Fallen: Illuminati

Themes: mus_mlg_c, mus_mlg_c2, Canniweed

  • The Soulless Angel: Sanic

Themes: Hopes and Memes, Burn in 420, SAVE the Memes, His Memes, MemorMeme

Wheh checked: *Sanic ATK: Infinite Defense: Infinite

                        *Legendary Meme Made Out Of ALL Of The Memes Of The Interwebz

  • The Forgotten Scientist: L. G. Brick

  • The Witnesses: L. G. Brick Followers

  • The Superfluous Role: Minecraft Baby Villager Zombie



  • The Protoganist: ROBLOX
  • The Soulless, The Chaotic Villager: Plants VS Zombies
  • The Caretaker and The Monorach: Team Fortress 2
  • The Inactive, The Idoliser, The Head Of The Guard, The Enraged and The Royal Scientist: Minecraft
  • The Reculse and The Celabritry: Super Mario
  • The Judge and the Ambitious: Pokemon
  • The Restaurant Owner and The Outraged Vendor: Youtube Poop
  • The Fallen and The Soulless Angel: MLG